Sol Voltaics have financial backing from some of the strongest Nordic investors that provide funding, important know-how and industry expertise. Get to know our current investors below. For any questions please send an email to



FAM AB is a private and active owner, managing its assets with a long-term ownership horizon. FAM is wholly owned by the three largest Wallenberg Foundations. FAM’s strategic holdings include SKF, Stora Enso and Höganäs.

Industrifonden is an independent ever-green fund founded by the Swedish government in 1979. We believe strongly in Industrifonden’s slogan saying “We invest in large companies while they are small”. Very few investors can compete with their more than 30 years of experience as a partner for investors, entrepreneurs and companies in Sweden. Thanks to the evergreen structure of the fund and their strong capital base, Industrifonden take a long-term approach and play an active role in building value in their portfolio companies.
Teknoinvest is a premier Scandinavian venture capital company headquartered in Norway. Teknoinvest invest in areas of emerging technologies within the ITC and Life Sciences sectors in Scandinavia. Teknoinvest was established as the first venture capital investment company in Norway in 1984. Teknoinvest is one of the most successful VC´s in Scandinavia according to their track record of value created for their investors. Teknoinvest have an extensive network throughout Scandinavia and the US which has enabled them to invest in and help develop several successful companies.


Nano Future Invest AS

Nano Future Invest (NFI) is a special purpose vehicle, a company that is created solely for a particular financial transaction or series of transactions. Nano Future Invest is created by a series of successful Norwegian individuals and families for investing in Nano technologies. Except Sol Voltaics NFI have also invested in our two sister companies QuNano ( and Glo (


Kagra Gruppen AS

Kagra Gruppen AS is a Norwegian investment company that is wholly owned by the Norwegian industrialist Mr Jens Ulltveit-Moe. Mr Ulltveit-Moe is the CEO and majority owner of the Umoe group, a Norwegian independent investment group that he founded in 1984, and that has since grown into one of the largest, privately owned companies in Norway. 


Scatec's vision is to create value and to make the world a little cleaner. Scatec invests in and develops new businesses and are fully owned by Alf Bjørseth. Alf started the company more than twenty years ago and the company has been Alf’s starting point for various business initiatives. Through Scatec, Alf Bjørseth founded ScanWafer, ScanCell, ScanModule, SiNor/Sitech and SolEnergy, companies which later merged to become “Renewable Energy Corporation” (REC). When Alf retired as CEO for REC in the autumn of 2005, he decided to develop his industrial ideas through Scatec. The company today is Alf’s nucleus point for the development of new business ideas within the areas of renewable energy and advanced materials. Scatec’s mission is to contribute to innovation within the fields of renewable energy and advanced materials. Scatec have big dreams, but realistic and obtainable goals.

Riyadh Valley Company (RVC) was established to help transform Saudi Arabia's oil-based economy into a more diversified knowledge-based economy. RVC is a strategic investor, focused on leveraging the local capabilities, investing locally and globally in early-stage and growth businesses to create financial returns and strategic returns that will support the future of economic development. RVC supports the advancement of knowledge-based solutions for renewable energy and sustainable resources, information and communication technology and healthcare.