Brightright Review (Ultimate Solar Lights)

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Solar lights are great for any home, they’re not only efficient in saving energy and space.

Brightlight is one of the leading manufacturers in the solar lights industry. But there’s more to them than simple garden lights.

Solar lights are fantastic for outdoor lighting as the LED lights have built-in sensors that automatically turn off once the sun begins to rise, hence the solar energy part of the lights. 

Brightright Reviews
Brightright Reviews

Who Are Brightright? 

Brightright is a known solar lights company based mostly in the US that strives to modernize your home in no time at all. Their light is frequently used inside the home and in gardens and patios that are fully waterproof for their purpose.

Their solar lights are battery-powered and solar-powered so they rely entirely on resourceful energies that are not harmful to wildlife, the environment, or the overall cost of lighting your home or garden paths.

They want to provide a solution to seeing people’s homes dull and in need of brighter lighting in their lives so they are confident that their solar lighting solutions are exactly what every home needs to brighten up the day!

Where Are Brightright Based?

Brightright is a considerably well-known company in the US, they are based in America, specifically Billings, Montana.

They brighten up America’s dark streets and outdoor gardens! 

Brightright Efficiency

All of Brightright’s products are the brightest ultra LED lights available, hence the company name! They’re also so easy to use as all you have to do is place it down and it immediately begins absorbing energy from the sun to light up your dark pathways at night.

And the best part, they automatically turn on at night so you don’t have to worry about any on or off switches. The solar-powered efficient systems do it all for you!

The powered disks are also small and compact to save on space and the clutter around you. They’re sleek in style so you don’t have to worry about any chunky solar panels or lighting busying up your precious garden space.

There’s no complicated wiring either to cause accidents and falls, all you have to do is possibly get them professionally installed.  

Brightright Performance

Brightright has a team that has scanned over 45,000 customer reviews satisfaction about their top ten products to improve their services for you! 

The solar disks are fully solar-powered by generalized sunlight and are water-resistant against torrential downpours and other weather conditions that may be an inconvenience.

The lights themselves are beyond easy to install and set up, and there’s no wiring involved to make your life even easier.

Brightright - Colorize Colorful Pathway Solar Light (6 Lights) Decorative Weatherproof Auto On/Off Outdoor Lights - Decorate Your Garden, Landscape, Patio, Pool, Yard With Ultra-Bright Led Light

They last for up to 10 hours at a time and they automatically turn on and off according to lighting changes. When the sun comes up they turn off and charge, and when the sun sets, they begin to activate once the darkness appears. 

Also, because they are fully solar-powered and wireless, this prevents nasty accidents from occurring.

So you won’t have to worry about tripping and falling around these LED lights as they are installed directly into the ground without any wires becoming tangled.

The colorized LED lights are the most efficient lighting for garden parties as they add a layer of fun to a mundane purpose! They light up your yard whilst bringing the right mood to the party. 

Brightright Services

Brightright lighting usually comes in a set number of disk packs, so be sure to take note of exactly how many disks you will need for your garden or patio lawn.

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The standard numbers available are packs of 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24 brightrights to brighten your outdoor scenery. 

Birthright can professionally install the lights for you if required to do so and will ask if that’s what you want or need to be done. They have teams of skilled workers to do this and pride themselves on quality services for their customers. 

Brightrightcolorize Colorful Outdoor Solar Pathway Lights (18 Lights), Waterproof Auto On/Off Solar Powered Lights - Decorative Landscape Lighting For Garden, Pool, Fountain &Amp; Backyard

Brightright Warranty

As long as you contact Brightright within 30 days of purchase, a return can be easily set up for you however, any shipping costs will not be refunded by the company and a small restocking fee may be charged.

Returned items that are not defective may be charged a restocking fee of up to 15% of the original retail value. Although, alternatively Brightright can provide 90% of the purchase price in-store credit for your returned item. 

Brightlight Solar Products

Which Brightright Products Are The Best?

Brightright’s number one best-selling product is their outdoor solar pathway lights, these lights are waterproof decorative landscape lighting for your yards, gardens, patios, lawns, pathways, and driveways all year round. 

BrightRight Outdoor Solar Pathway Disk Lights (12 Lights)

Brightright Outdoor Solar Pathway Disk Lights (12 Lights) 8 White Led, Waterproof Decorative...

They’re entirely solar paneled and charge from the sun and outdoor lighting during the day. All you have to do is place it where it can receive adequate sunlight during the day to power it through the night.

Also, no battery replacements are required with these outdoor solar disk lights so it saves on electricity and wiring installations!

With this pack, you get 8 Bright LED lights to brighten your pathways, driveways, gardens, patios, and much more if you require them for something else!


  • Full Dusk Till Dawn Activation – The lights will automatically turn off during the day and automatically turn on at night so there’s no need to worry about the activation
  • Super Easy to Install – All you have to do is either place it on the ground or stick it into the ground with the stake that is included
  • Rated Waterproof – Extremely suitable for common weather conditions and perfect for outdoor use


  • May be more costly – Depending on your other options 
BrightRight Outdoor Solar Pathway Disk Lights (12 Lights) 8 White LED, Waterproof Decorative...
  • Solar Powered: Solar panels charge during the day, just place it where it can received sunlight. No battery replacement...
  • 8 Bright LED Light: Brighten your pathways, gardens, driveways, decks, porches, patios and more!
  • IP65 Rated Waterproof: Perfect for outdoor use and suitable for common weather conditions.

The next top best-seller after the outdoor solar pathway disk lights is the Brightright colorize colorful pathway solar lights.

These lights are decorative and waterproof outdoor lighting disks that can bring an element of fun to lighting your garden, patio, lawn, driveway, or pathway any time of the year! 

BRIGHTRIGHT – Colorize Colorful Pathway Solar Light (6 Lights)

Brightright - Colorize Colorful Pathway Solar Light (6 Lights) Decorative Weatherproof Auto On/Off...

Suppose your pool is looking a bit dull at night or your garden party standard lighting just isn’t cutting it for the event you’re holding. In that case, these LED colorful pathways solar lights will save the day and provide efficient lighting to an energetic party.

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Or if you’re hosting a small outdoor dinner with a few friends, these lights can be dimmed to suit the mood!


  • Aid with Dark Pathways – Accident can happen, but you can light the pathway with colorized LED lights 
  • Great BBQ lighting – They’re great for parties and gatherings outside and there’s nothing better than setting the mood for a party!
  • Solar Charged – Charge through the day to get the best use at night


  • Jealous Neighbors – You may have to pave the way for some jealous neighbors wondering where you got your fabulous lights!
BRIGHTRIGHT - Colorize Colorful Pathway Solar Light (6 Lights) Decorative Weatherproof Auto On/Off...
  • THE POOL AREA - Is your pool looking dull at night? Adding just a few of these around your pool will make it stand out and...
  • LANDSCAPING & GARDENS - A poorly lit garden or landscaping area is a turn off at night; Colorize fills your garden, fences,...
  • DARK PATHWAYS - Accidents happen, tripping & falling on a dark pathway can cause serious injury; Light the way and stay safe...

Brightright Overview

Overall, Birthright is a fantastic and reliable solar-powered lighting distributor, and their products certainly live up to the company standard overall.

They have great customer service and can handle any problems or issues that may occur with the lighting disks.

The disks themselves are not only great for lighting up your garden parties and driveways, but also they are environmentally friendly towards the earth’s energy crisis!

The lights rely entirely on sunlight to power your lighting so if you live somewhere where the sun doesn’t stop shining, then Brightrights solar-powered lighting disks are for you!

We just love how vibrant Brightrights lights can be in any garden or patio space out there, they also have a colorized pack of lights available for parties and BBQ settings so that you and your guests can enjoy the bright colors from these LED lights all night long if need be. 

In The Garden At Night Solar Lights At Night. - Solar Panel Installation, Mounting, Settings, And Repair.
In The Garden At Night Solar Lights At Night.

Brightright Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Bright Right Solar Lights?

Birthright is a solar lights company that provides solar-powered lighting for your outdoor spaces.

They are considerably well known in the US for solar lighting and their products are frequently used to light up gardens, patios, hallways, and pathways during the darkest hours. 

How Long Does It Take To Charge Bright Right Solar Lights?

They take a total of 6 hours to become fully charged by the sun’s rays and once charged, they can last up to 10-15 hours.

They are also completely water-resistant so there’s no need to worry about the weather forecast against your magnificent Bright Right solar lights.

They can withstand any weather occurrences! They’re easy to install and provide the brightest LED lighting.

What Do Brightright Lights Reviews Say About Them?

You can find many positive reviews and responses to Brightrights lights on their company website and through other website reviews!

Most of the reviews give praise to the durability and efficiency of the lights and talk about the brilliant features they have to them.

Including the ability to charge when not in use! However, they have received an equal amount of negative review responses in turn. 

Solar Panels Brands FAQ

Which solar panel brands are the most popular?

Some of the most popular solar panel brands on the market these days are:
1. LG
2. SunPower
3. Panasonic
4. Silfab
5. Canadian Solar
6. JinkoSolar
7. Trina Solar
8. Q Cells

What can solar power be used for?

Solar power can be used for almost anything that requires electrical power, from TVs to fridges and other household appliances. However, any appliances with an element, such as a geyser or kettle, require a massive amount of electricity to function, and so you’ll need a hefty solar system to run this kind of appliance. 

What to know before buying solar panels?

There are several questions to ask yourself before buying solar panels, including:
1. What is your budget?
2. How much power do you need?
3. Are you looking to supplement your electricity usage or replace it?
4. Your location (how much sun do you get daily?)
5. Also, knowing about the various available solar brands and a little about the installation process will be a great help too.

Which solar panel is best for the home?

This depends on your needs and your budget, but most users agree that LG electronics make some of the best solar panels out there. SunPower is superior in its panel efficiency, while Canadian Solar is some of the best solar panels for the money. 

Which brand is The best portable solar Panel? 

When it comes to portable solar, some of the brands leading the market are:
1. Bluetti
2. Jackery Solar
3. Renogy
4. Ecoflow
5. Goal Zero

Are there any solar brands based in the USA?

Certainly! US brands are making some great panels these days. Some of these brands include:
1. LG Solar
2. Tesla
3. Sunrun
4. Auxin Solar
5. Convalt energy

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