Geometrical Optics, Electrostatics and Nanophotonic Resonances in Absorbing Nanowire Arrays

Semiconductor nanowire arrays have shown promise for next-generation photovoltaics and photodetection, but enhanced understanding of the light–nanowire interaction is still needed. Here, we study theoretically the absorption of light in an array of vertical InP nanowires by moving continuously, first from the electrostatic limit to the nanophotonic regime and then to the geometrical optics limit. We show how the absorption per volume of semiconductor material in the array can be varied by a factor of 200, ranging from 10 times weaker to 20 times stronger than in a bulk semiconductor sample.

Nicklas Anttu, “Geometrical Optics, Electrostatics, and Nanophotonic Resonances in Absorbing Nanowire Arrays,” Opt. Lett. 38, 730-732 (2013)

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