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Sol Voltaics provides next-generation solar nanotechnology solutions that can significantly enhance the efficiency and power output of solar panels at prices competitive to crystalline silicon.

World-renowned nanotechnologist Lars Samuelson in Lund, Sweden, is the scientific founder of the company whose intellectual property is based on 15 years of gallium-arsenide (GaAs) nanowire research done in cooperation with Lund University. Dr. Samuelson is a member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the institution that each year awards the Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry as well as The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel.

Sol Voltaics has propelled this research and applied it to dramatically improve the efficiency of solar panels. The foundation of our work is based on wave concentrated photovoltaics (WCPV), which concentrates light waves by guiding those waves into nanowires for absorption, with no mechanical or optical assistance. Sol Voltaics’ engineers have focused on the development of materials and processes for mass production of these high-performance nanowires in addition to significantly reducing the amount of expensive GaAs required per solar panel.

The result is a high-efficiency GaAs-based nanowire film that will boost conversion efficiencies of conventional crystalline silicon solar modules by more than 50%.

With strong financial backing from a combination of public and private Nordic and international investors, Sol Voltaics is in the final phases of commercializing its patented Aerotaxy® process technology and SolFilm product set to provide PV module manufacturers and other partners with a low-cost, drop-in solution to achieve 27% efficiencies and beyond.

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The NanoSol project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.