Dr. Erik Sauar

Dr. Sauar has a long and deep relationship with solar energy, as Technology and Strategy Specialist, Corporate Executive, and Entrepreneur. Following post-university experience of 10 years in energy policy development and process within cleantech, Erik founded the Renewable Energy Corporation (REC Solar), one of the world’s leading solar energy companies. Across 15 years Erik has been Founder, CTO, and Senior Vice President, a role that has lead from initial direct technology development and management to later portfolio management of a $60M R&D budget. As CTO; Erik was also gatekeeper for translation of new technology to volume manufacturing and development of improved solar modules. More broadly, his engagement has stretched from development of solar wafers through factory construction to managing PV electrification projects in rural Africa; from research, development, strategy, management, sales, execution and policy. In addition, Dr. Sauar has experience as Board Member of US, Asian, African, German and Norwegian companies, about 20 patents and patent applications, and more than 15 peer-reviewed international technology papers cited by more than 200 different scientists.