2000kW Solar System: Price, Load Capacity, How Big, and More

How Much Will a 2000kW Solar System Save?

Investing in a 2000kW solar system can bring substantial savings. On average, such a system can save up to $620,500 per year. Over its estimated panel lifetime of 25 years, this solar system can save a staggering $15,512,500. These savings arise from the significant reduction in reliance on traditional utility companies for electricity.

Rising Cost of Electricity

The rising cost of electricity is a major concern for households and businesses alike. Over the past 40 years, electricity costs in the United States have increased by a staggering 270%. This increase in costs is illustrated in the chart below:

Electricity Costs

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

By generating your own electricity with a solar system, you can mitigate the impact of these rising costs and take control of your energy expenses.

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Electricity Saving

One of the primary benefits of a solar system is the ability to generate your own electricity. The more self-generated electricity you consume, the less you rely on utility companies, resulting in significant cost savings.

Solar Energy for a Profit

Beyond saving on electricity bills, a 2000kW solar system allows you to generate electricity for profit. Any surplus electricity that you don’t use can be sold back to the grid. With this opportunity, you can achieve a 20% return on your investment each year based on current electricity costs.

2000kW Solar Panel System Price

The typical cost of a 2000kW solar system is around $4,000,000. However, it is important to note that solar panel prices have significantly decreased over the past decade.

Solar Panel Costs

Source: The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

2000kW System with Battery Backup

For optimal performance and energy storage, a 2000kW solar system can be paired with battery backup. When choosing the battery type, it is recommended to opt for lithium polymer batteries over lead-acid batteries. This is because lithium batteries require half as many units as lead-acid batteries, resulting in cost savings. To determine the battery size required, the following formulas can be used:

Lead Acid Sizing: 2000kWh x 2 (for 50% depth of discharge) x 1.2 (inefficiency factor) = 24000 kWh

Lithium Sizing: 2000kWh x 1.2 (for 80% depth of discharge) x 1.05 (inefficiency factor) = 12600 kWh

To reduce costs, it is advisable to purchase both batteries and panels together as a package deal.

2000kW Off-Grid Solar System

If you are considering an off-grid solar system, you will need to purchase a significant number of panels. For a 2000kW system, it is recommended to buy 6667 or more panels.

Additionally, to achieve a full cycle of power storage, you will require 12600 kWh worth of lithium polymer batteries. The typical cost of batteries required to run a 2000kW system is approximately $5,922,000.

How Many Panels Are Needed?

Most solar panels available on the market have a capacity of 300 watts. To achieve a 2000kW solar system, you would need a minimum of 6667 panels or potentially more, depending on the specific panel wattage.

If you need different power requirements, check out 1000 kW solar systems

How Big is a 2000 kW Solar System?

Considering that each solar panel occupies approximately 17 square feet, a 2000 kW solar system with 6667 panels would have a total footprint of 113,333 square feet.

How Many kWh Does a 2000kW Solar System Produce? (Load Per Day)

A 2000kW solar system has the capacity to produce a typical output of 10,000 kWh. However, this output is dependent on the system receiving at least 5 hours of direct sunlight per day. Accordingly, this equates to a monthly output of 300,000 kWh and an annual output of 3,650,000 kWh.

There are also 100 kW solar systems if you need a different sized system.

How Many Batteries Needed For a 2000kW Solar Panel System?

The number of batteries required depends on the battery type chosen, with lead-acid and lithium polymer being common options. If you opt for the recommended lithium polymer batteries, you will need 12,600 kWh worth of batteries. You can choose to purchase a single battery system or connect several smaller batteries together, based on your preferences and requirements.

Is a 2000kW Solar System Worth It?

A 2000kW solar system can be a highly worthwhile investment, particularly in areas with substantial sunlight. With the potential to generate $620,500 worth of electricity annually, this system offers a 20% return on investment based on current panel costs of $4,000,000. Overall, a 2000kW solar system presents a great opportunity for both financial savings and environmental sustainability.

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