Placing Solar Panels On A Roof - Solar Panel Installation, Mounting, Settings, And Repair.


Meet The Team

Sol Voltaics is a professional solar panels platform. Here we provide content for people interested in renewable technology with a special focus on solar panels.

We have a dedicated team of professionals with decades of experience in the green technology industry. High-quality content is our focus to help you, help the world, and your surroundings.

We have turned our passion and lifestyle into a website that provides the public with helpful guides. These range from basic questions for people just getting started to intrigue technological systems.

We hope you enjoy our guides and are building your own solar panels system.

The Sol Voltaics Team


Elliot Bailey

CEO & Chief Editor

Has eight years of experience in renewable technology, from conservation to efficient living. His passion is to help others achieve independent off-grid living.


Brad Wilson

Technology Officer

Spent seven years installing solar panels from RVs, domestic, and significant commercial projects. He thrives on creating sustainable systems.


Daniel Morgan

Scientific Researcher

Has great knowledge about energy infrastructure, grid systems, solar, and wind power. He loves unconventional systems such as kinetic energy.


Joe Ross

Executive Officer

Is living completely off-grid, using solar panels, solar geysers, and is passionate about renewable technology. He thrives with zero-carbon systems.

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