Revolutionary technology to solve today’s growing climate and energy problems

Fighting climate change, reducing pollution, and phasing out fossil fuels means the world needs to develop revolutionary clean energy technologies. Through our breakthrough technology, Sol Voltaics will help produce previously unreachable levels of very low-cost solar power, making clean energy available to billions of people.

Pioneering the next generation of solar energy

Huge progress has been made in deploying solar energy over recent years, but much more must be done to address the world’s critical energy needs and meet the greenhouse gas reduction goals set out at the Paris climate summit. Sol Voltaics will help the world achieve these goals through next-generation solar photovoltaic technology and innovation.

A more powerful, modern solar solution

Our technology transforms today’s conventional solar panels into attractive modules able to generate up to 50% more power for the system owner. Smart, reliable and highly powerful, our solution makes solar panels fit for the modern home and business.

Generating affordable solar energy to customers around the world

Our low-cost, nanowire solar film will provide solar panel manufacturers with an easy-to-adopt solution to reach higher solar panel efficiencies than ever before, ultimately bringing affordable solar energy to their customers and the world.

Low-cost, robust solution through Aerotaxy®


Through our patented Aerotaxy® process, we manufacture high volumes of gallium arsenide nanowires that can dramatically increase the efficiency of conventional solar modules at ultra-low cost levels.