Adventure Kings Solar Panels and Devices

Solar Power in the wild is a major portion of Adventure Kings’ product line. The brand offers an extensive line of typical mobile solar products, as well as some unique items.

If mobile power is what you need, Adventure KINGS may have the solar products you are looking for.

  • Mountable Solar Panels
  • Solar Blankets
  • Mobile Solar Power Kits
  • Solar Components
  • Quality and Customer Care

Whether you want to mount an array to the rack on your SUV’s roof or carry one to your campsite, KINGS can provide the tools you need.

Installation of a solar panels KINGS Solar

Kings Solar Panels

Kings markets panels ranging from 10-watt device chargers to 250-watt portable Solar Blankets. Since Kings does not actually manufacture the products, the product line does fluctuate based on availability.

Rigid Solar Panels

If you feel comfortable moving rigid panels Kings has a few options. All units are 12 volts, monocrystalline panels with aluminum frames. 1-year Warranty.

110 Watt Rigid Panel

  • Max Volt = 18.2 Volts
  • Max Current = 6.04 Amps
  • Open Circuit Voltage = 21.5 Volts
  • Short Circuit Current = 6.49 Amps
  • Dimensions – 1005mm x 670mm
  • Weight = 7.4 kg
  • Cable Length = 1 meter with MC4 Connector
  • Mounting hardware is available for rack mount.

160 Watt Folding Rigid Panel

The 160 Watt Panel includes an MPPT Charge controller, Anderson Style and alligator connectors, and adjustable legs.

  • Max Volt = 17.6 Volts
  • Max Current = 9.1 Amps
  • Open Circuit Voltage = 21.0 Volts
  • Short Circuit Current = 9.96 Amps
  • Dimensions – Open = 1340 mm x 670 mm Folded = x 670 mm x 670 mm
  • Weight = 13.1 kg
  • Cable Length = 4.4 meters

250 Watt Folding Rigid Panel

The 250 Watt Panel offers two built-in Charge Controller options: PWM and MPPT. Both units include a 4.4-meter cable, alligator connectors, and adjustable legs, and a carry bag.

  • Max Volt = 18.2 Volts
  • Max Current = 13.74 Amps
  • Open Circuit Voltage = 22.3 Volts
  • Short Circuit Current = 14.62Amps
  • Dimensions – Open = 1060 mm x 1400 mm Folded = 1060 mm x 680 mm
  • Weight = 19 kg
  • Cable Length = 4.4 meters

Solar Blankets

Solar Blanket is the term Kings used to name their fold-up solar arrays. The fold-up units range from a 10-watt Personal Device Charger to a 250-watt array.

10 Watt Fold Up Device Charger

The 10 Watt charger is housed in a rugged plastic cover. It has a single USB port that enables charging of phones, tablets, radios, etc. The unit it lightweight. Includes a carabiner for hanging and suction cups for mounting in a window.

  • Max Volt = 5 Volts
  • Max Current = 1.65 Amps
  • Open Circuit Voltage = 6.72 Volts
  • Short Circuit Current = 1.85 Amps
  • Dimensions – Open = 320 mm x 250 mm Folded = 160 mm x 250 mm
  • Weight = 480 kg

120 Watt Solar Blanket

The 120 Watt Blanket offers two built-in Charge Controller options: PWM and MPPT. These units are made from semi-flexible solar panels.

Sections are joined with heavy fabric, which makes it easy to fold and set up. Flexibility allows the blanket to lay on uneven surfaces.

Connectors include Anderson-style plugs and alligator clips. Everything fits into a convenient transport bag.

  • Max Volt = 17.8 Volts
  • Max Current = 6.75 Amps
  • Open Circuit Voltage = 20.8 Volts
  • Short Circuit Current = 7.54 Amps
  • Dimensions – Open = 1540 mm x 510 mm Folded = 510 mm x 400 mm
  • Weight = 4.9 kg
  • Cable Length = 4.4 meters

250 Watt Solar Blanket

The 250 Watt Blanket offers two built-in Charge Controller options: PWM and MPPT. Sections are made of semi-flexible solar panels.

Sections are joined with heavy fabric, which makes it easy to fold and set up. Flexibility allows the blanket to lay on uneven surfaces.

Connectors include Anderson-style plugs and alligator clips.

  • Max Volt = 19.8 Volts
  • Max Current = 12.6 Amps
  • Open Circuit Voltage = 22.68 Volts
  • Short Circuit Current = 14.2 Amps
  • Dimensions – Open = 2500 mm x 670 mm Folded = 670 mm x 550 mm
  • Weight = 14.9 kg
  • Cable Length = 4.4 meters

Solar Energy Packs

One of the unique aspects of Adventure Kings is their Solar Energy Packs. The packs come with everything you need to start a solar camp system:

  • Panels
  • batteries
  • charge controller
  • inverter
  • required cables.

Various power level kits, with folding or fixed panels, are available.

Of course, all charging components, inverters, cable sets, and batteries, are available individually.

Solar Camp Components

As primarily a camping supply company, Adventure Kings also provides a wide array of solar-powered camp devices.

The devices are highly efficient and run on 12-volt power. Everything from lights to refrigerators, and even some power tools finds its way into The Adventure Kings lineup. All the novelty is part of the brand’s appeal.

Customer Care

Product Quality VS Novelty

The Adventure Kings has been providing low price, good-quality camping equipment since 2012. Their focus is on giving the customer a useful product at a reasonable price.

They also tend to push the envelope where solar technology is involved. While this is a fun and noble pursuit, it can backfire.


  • Good quality on tried technology.
  • Nice prices on standard items.
  • Lets folk try solar camping without breaking the bank.


  • New technology not always reliable.
  • Sometimes low cost equals low quality.
  • Failed devices can ruin a good trip.

In defense of The Adventure Kings, there have been occasions in which good-selling products have been discontinued by the company due to poor performance.

In several cases, these products re-appeared in the future with improvements in design and performance.

Customer Reviews of Kings Solar Products

Rigid Panels

When it comes to solar products, customer reviews of standard products have generally been favorable. The line of rigid solar panels, both fixed and folding, has a good reputation for reliability.

The one exception is concerned about the gauge of the cables on the units being a little light. If you have worked with low-cost solar panels, you know this is a common issue.

Since the panels are of lower power the light cables are adequate but feel a little flimsy.

Solar Blankets

One spot where Kings has gotten some poor reviews is with the 250 Watt Blankets. The units have a bad reputation for putting out very little, or no, power.

This is one item Kings has to take off the shelf at a time or two. Ironically, the 120 Watt Blanket has a fairly good reputation for being easy to put out, hook up, and put away.

However, even the 120 Watt units have some poor reviews related to the built-in charge controllers.

Other Kings Solar Components

The Kings line of Regulators, PWM and MPPT Charge Controller, Cable Sets, and AGM batteries all get good reviews. None of these devices are top-of-the-line or the newest technology.

They are, however, good, basic devices that do a good job at a nice price.


  • Nice Price.
  • A good way to start with solar.
  • A variety of products to choose from.
  • Usually a good product for the price.


  • The low price sometimes does indicate poor quality.
  • Can leave a bad memory of camping in the dark.
  • The NEAT product may be the one that does not work so neat.


Kings has two warranties.

  1. I Changed My Mind

First is the 30 Days I Changed My Mind Warranty.

This warranty allows the customer to return an item if they get it and decide they don’t really want it. As long as it has not been used, it can be returned, no questions asked.

However, a refund is in store credit, not in cash.

2. 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

The second, more significant warranty, is the 12 monthly, Defect in Design or Manufacturer Warranty. An online form is used to file a warranty application and the process takes place mainly via text and e-mail.

The item will be repaired or replaced if it is found that there is a flaw. Damage from use is not covered.


  • Can Change Your Mind – for 30 days.
  • 1 Year – Manufacturer Warranty – Repair or Replace.
  • Warranty Application is on-line.


  • I Changed My Mind Warranty is Store Credit Only.
  • 1 Year Warranty can be a long process.

Overall, the Solar Products from The Adventure Kings appear to be worth a look. The company provides a good variety of solar devices of good quality at a nice price.

As with any unique or unusual device, look at some reviews and steer clear if other customers are having troubles. Good Luck and Have Fun!

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