Arlo Pro Solar Panel Alternatives (Affordable Options)

When you install an Arlo security camera outside, you may wish to pair it with a solar panel made by another company. If so, there are several things to consider when selecting that panel.

I’ll be discussing these aspects of small solar panels, among several others:

• Energy requirements
• Efficiency
• Compatibility
• Affordability

You’d be surprised at how many factors go into a choice between solar panels. Read on if you want to learn more.

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What is Arlo Pro Solar?

Arlo makes solar panels that are compatible with its outdoor security cameras and compatible batteries. These solar panels are small, tough enough to handle storms, and easy to install.

A solar panel is a great low-maintenance solution for outdoor camera installations in hard-to-reach areas. Although the Arlo Solar Panel is designed to keep your camera’s battery fully charged, heavy usage of your camera on a cloudy day could drain the camera battery faster than the solar panel can recharge it.

But if the area outside your home receives enough sunlight each day, and Arlo Solar Panel will harvest enough energy to keep your battery charged and your camera operational.

Why Would You Want to Buy an Alternative to Arlo Solar Panels for Your Arlo Security Camera?

Arlo solar panel works only with the Arlo cameras. Owning an Arlo panel may limit you in the future if you decide to purchase additional cameras under another brand.

Solar Panel FAQ Video x
Solar Panel FAQ Video

The original Arlo solar panel comes with standard measurement, capacity, and accessories. This panel comes with a 6.5-foot cable. If you want a longer cable or have it custom installed, you can’t.

You can purchase Arlo accessories. But you’ll have to pay. There are more affordable options available. It may be easier and less expensive simply to install another brand.

Are There Workable Alternatives to Arlo Pro Solar Panels?

Several manufacturers produce certified accessories for Arlo cameras, including solar panels. Look for alternatives with similar features as the Arlo panel. Pay particularly close attention to their spec sheets. These will tell you if the panel was designed to work well with Arlo cameras.

Problems that Could Occur when Checking Out Alternative to Arlo Pro Solar Panels


Incompatibility means failure when dealing with an alternative to an Arlo solar panel. The camera and its app won’t work with anything but verified accessories. If the Arlo app indicates the solar panel is not compatible, you’re out of luck.

Low Efficiency

Any solar panel unable to produce the required energy to charge an Arlo battery and run an Arlo camera will reduce its performance. Again, check the spec sheet of the solar panel before buying.

Harmful to Batteries

Beware. Unauthorized solar panels can harm the Arlo battery. They may overcharge or undercharge the battery as a result of fluctuating weather conditions. Authorized solar panels will always charge the battery properly.

Low Durability

Many solar panels aren’t as durable as Arlo Solar. Do your due diligence and weed these out of your list of options. But manufacturers of verified Arlo accessories do produce durable panels.

Misleading Consumer Product Information

Double-check all reviews of solar panels and panel spec sheets. Some provide wrong information.

What Are the Best Alternatives to Arlo Pro Solar Panels?

There are several high-quality options for the Arlo Pro solar panel. Any of these will ensure the good performance of your Arlo camera. When choosing a solar panel, first check compatibility by reading the spec sheet. Then, compare features. Finally, compare prices.

All of the following solar panels are fully compatible with the Arlo camera:


Wasserstein solar panels produce sufficient energy and are compatible with Arlo cameras and batteries, as well as all other Arlo products. They are inexpensive compared to Arlo and have the added advantage of versatile mounting options.

These panels are easy to mount and require no maintenance. They are compatible with several brands, not just Arlo.

They do suffer from a limited lifespan.

iTODOS 3-Pack

If you need several small solar panels, this is the ideal package for you. The overall cost is higher than for one panel, but when the cost is divided by 3, these panels are a bargain.

Their durable, high-efficient, and easy mounting design gives value to the money spent. A long power cable adds to the ease of operation.

With these panels, you receive switch control, which will enable you to maintain and change the charging schedule.

The one serious drawback is that these panels are only compatible with the Arlo Pro 2 solar panel.


The Ring solar panel generates enough energy to keep your Arlo camera powered all day and night. Installation is easy with its adjustable mounting bracket. The panel is weather-resistant. It comes in 2 different color options.

It’s a little more pricey than the other brands but is a good, solid energy producer.


This solar panel generates plenty of energy during the day to run your Arlo camera all night. It’s in the medium price range but is resistant to rain and cold temperatures.

It has a pulley system that allows for 360-degrees rotation and 90-degrees of tilt. This makes it easy to mount and you can readjust it to capture the sun’s rays at any time of the day.

It’s made out of polysilicon which makes it waterproof.

Shyueda 4W

This affordable 3-pack of solar panels is fully compatible with the Arlo camera. Its 360-degree freedom bracket permits it to be adjusted to the sun’s position all year long.

Its monocrystalline silicon materials make it waterproof and dust-proof, making it an efficient producer of energy when other solar panels would get dirty.


This 3-pack of solar panels is another bargain. It comes with a magnetic power cable and an adjustable mount.

It’s waterproof, dustproof, strong, sturdy, and an efficient producer of energy. Your Arlo camera will have more than enough power to run all night with the help of this panel. Your batteries will hold their charge.

Its aluminum frame resists corrosion. It also handles high and low temperatures without damage.


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