Grouphug Solar Panels (Eco-Friendly Indoor Power)

Using renewable energy sources, as in solar energy, is the way forward. If you agree and are looking to be part of the solar revolution, getting a solar panel from Grouphug should be right up your alley.

Of course, with so many other options out there, the first question is, “What makes Grouphug solar panels unique?” In the following lines, we are going to answer that and a lot more, such as:

  • How do Grouphug solar panels work?
  • How much do they cost?
  • Can Grouphug solar panels work when there’s no sun?

If you are interested in getting a solar panel system, or more specifically, the Grouphug solar panel for your home or office, then you will want to read on till the end. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Mobile cell phone on a solar panel being charged

Grouphug’s History

The company was founded by Krystal Persaud, an entrepreneur and first-generation American from Guyanan parents.

Grouphug specializes in designing compact window solar panels, and its concept made quite a splash in an episode of Shark Tank, where it piqued the interest of Mark Cuban, who later on ended up investing in the venture.

How Do Grouphug Solar Panels Work?

What’s great about Grouphug’s solar panel system is that it is incredibly easy to order and install in your home. The entire process has been made simple by the fact that on Grouphug’s website, there is only one product.

The $149 (at the time of writing) panel is 13′′ by 10′′ and arrives fast once you have placed the order.

Grouphug promises fast deliveries even during the hectic holiday season, which is great news for those who are looking to buy this product as a gift for a loved one (or even for themselves, we’re not judging).

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Quick Setup

One of the selling points of the Grouphug solar panels is that the company has completely taken away all of the guesswork from the equation.

This means the entire setup, once it’s out of the box, takes just a few minutes and does not require any professional help.

This makes it easier for those who are looking for a compact solar panel to charge small items around the house but do not want to go through the hassle of hiring professional technicians for the installation process.

With the Grouphug solar panel, the only real work you’ll be doing is the opening and unpacking of the solar panel unit itself.

The unpacking and installation process is pretty straightforward. You can use the following steps to get your Grouphug solar panel up and running in no time:

  • Remove the unit from its box and packaging
  • Place the suction cup that’s been provided on the window
  • When hanging the panel, make sure that it’s facing out on the suction cup
  • Plug in the USB charger to start charging the panel

The Grouphug solar panel comes with a powerful 3,400 mAh battery, and the best part is that it is fully charged right out of the box.

The battery of the Grouphug solar panel will require up to 8 to 10 hours of charging with direct sunlight to fully recharge.

Easy to Relocate

Because of its compact size, the Grouphug solar panel is easy to move around, which is another major selling point for the product.

This means that on sunny days, you can make sure the solar panel gets its full charge by placing it where it’ll get the most sunlight.

For instance, if you start by placing the solar panel at the east-facing window in the morning, you can move it to the west-facing window later in the day to make sure the solar panels get interrupted access to the sun.

An Eco-Friendly Option

One of the main highlights of the Grouphug solar panel is that it has been rated to be eco-friendly.

This means that the window solar charger is able to reduce your carbon footprint dramatically, along with your monthly energy costs.

This definitely makes the Grouphug solar panel a win if you’re looking to lower your energy costs and do your part for the environment.

For those who are trying to adopt renewable energy and want to lower their carbon footprint and their impact on the environment, the Grouphug solar panel is a great place to start.

Take It with You While Traveling

One of the benefits of portable solar systems such as Grouphug solar panels is that they can not only be used at home to power up small gadgets and equipment but can also be used to power essentials while on the road.

This makes the Grouphug solar panel a great choice for camping trips or long road trips where you need to charge your phones and other essentials.

The best part about using these portable solar panels is that they can power up almost anywhere.

For instance, a campground with no shade is probably not where you want to park your car, especially if it’s sweltering hot outside.

If you rely on the solar panels on your roof to generate power, however, this is typically required in order to receive adequate sunshine.

While parked beneath some beautiful shaded trees, you may simply take out your portable solar panels and place them in direct sunshine. Plus, keeping your RV out of the sun will help protect it from UV damage.

No Need to Drill Holes Around the House

Even if you don’t have much expertise, setting up portable solar panels is quite simple.

Portable, hanging solar panels with charge controllers from the popular brand may be connected to your deep cycle batteries in minutes.

The portable solar panel from Grouphug also has USB ports for charging gadgets like your phone and laptop.

Small Footprint

If you are reading this, you already know the importance of lowering your carbon footprint, but with the Grouphug solar panel, you also get a solar panel system that has a smaller footprint.

This means that it takes up less space around the house so it doesn’t come in the way.

Its convenient, portable size is also another reason why you should get the Grouphug solar panel when going on camping or road trips as well since they will take less space in your RV, and thanks to their lightweight, they are also easy to carry.

Effortless Maintenance

Because of their compact size, Grouphug’s solar panels are also extremely easy to maintain, which makes maintenance almost effortless.

Since these panels do not go on the rooftop, they are not exposed to the same way regular large solar panels are exposed to heat, rain, and cold weather.

The Grouphug solar panels can be hung on the walls so they do not need to be cleaned as often as their much larger counterparts.

The best part about using these portable solar panels is that you also do not need to hire a professional solar panel cleaning and maintenance service. Portable solar panels are easier to maintain and can last even longer than regular size solar panel systems.


This portable solar panel is, first and foremost, extremely cost-effective. Even if you don’t live in a region where power outages are common, it can still help you save money on electricity.

If you want to avoid kits that require you to purchase extra components in order to use them, then the Grouphug solar panel should be right up your alley.

The company also offers some of the best prices in the market when it comes to compact solar panels for home use.

Room for Customization

Another major benefit of using these solar panels is that there is always room for customization. Let’s say you already have a Grouphug solar panel in your home. In this case, getting another one should not be a problem if you decide to convert more of your home appliances and gadgets to solar power.

Of course, the number of the Grouphug solar panels that you will require in your home is mainly going to depend on the number of appliances that you are looking to convert to solar power.

But this is nothing a quick consultation with Grouphug’s amazing customer service representatives can’t fix.

They will let you know exactly how many of these compact solar panels you need based on your specific requirements.

Ending Note

It is no secret that with the rising costs of electricity, Grouphug solar panels are one of the smartest investments that you can make for not only your financial well-being but also for the environment.

Whether you are going to use the Grouphug solar panel indoors or while on the road, you can rest assured that you’re going to get uninterrupted access to solar energy to power up your essentials.

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