Growatt Inverter Review: A Comprehensive Analysis of Performance and Efficiency


Growatt inverters generally have positive reviews. They are often praised for their efficiency, reliability, and good value for money. However, some users have reported issues with their customer service.

Are Growatt Inverters Any Good?

Over my 20 years in the solar energy field, I’ve encountered a multitude of inverter brands, and I can confidently say that Growatt inverters hold their own. Known for their excellent MTTP (Maximum Power Point Tracking) efficiency and compact design, these inverters offer a bang for your buck.

However, like any piece of machinery, they are not without potential downsides. It’s crucial to thoroughly understand what you’re investing in, hence, this comprehensive “Growatt Inverter review.”

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How Does An Inverter Work?

Before we jump right into our full-blown review, it’s essential to comprehend the basic principle of an inverter. Simply put, an inverter is a device that converts direct current (DC) from your solar panels into alternating current (AC) that is used by your household appliances. The inverter is the hub of your solar power system, connecting your panels with your property and the grid. The efficiency of this conversion process matters, which is where Growatt inverters shine.

Assessing the Quality of Growatt Inverters

To gauge the quality of any inverter, we need to consider specific parameters: its efficiency, features, pricing, and overall performance. In terms of efficiency, Growatt inverters boast an impressive 98.4% MTTP efficiency, placing them among the top performers on the market. But facts alone aren’t sufficient; customer reviews offer a more robust idea about the product’s quality in various real-world scenarios, leading us to our next segment.

Understanding the Growatt Inverters

Understanding the Growatt Inverters

Let’s shift our focus to one of Growatt’s popular models to offer a more detailed perspective—The Growatt 5000TL HVM series.

Growatt 5kW Hybrid Inverter 5000TL HVM Review

This model stands as a testament to Growatt’s dedication to quality and innovation.

Key Features

The 5000TL HVM comes with a high frequency topology design, an integrated battery interface, Intelligent redundant fan cooling, and multiple communication options, to name a few. It also has a high battery voltage which makes it compatible with most home battery storage systems.


The model has a battery capacity of 6.7 – 13.4kWh and a solar input voltage of 500V. With a weight of merely 17.5kg and compact dimensions, it’s an accessible device for a variety of installations.

Customer Reviews and Experiences with Growatt Inverters

Customer Reviews and Experiences with Growatt Inverters

Let’s delve into the actual user experiences when it comes to Growatt inverters.

Positive Reviews

John, an owner of the 5000TL HVM model, praises it for uninterruptedly powering his property for over a year. Samantha, another user, appreciates its user-friendly interface and efficient energy production.

Negative Reviews

On the flip side, some customers, like Mark, have reported some difficulties getting through to the customer service.

The Balance of Opinions

From my analysis, the majority of users seem overwhelmingly satisfied, and the complaints primarily revolve around customer service, rather than the product’s performance.

Comparison to Other Inverter Brands

Comparison to Other Inverter Brands

In comparative terms, Growatt inverters are highly competitive. Their key differentiator lies in their MTTP efficiency, compact design, and competitive pricing. However, brands like SMA and SolarEdge offer equally good competition with their advanced optimization features and strong reputation in the market.

Where is Growatt Inverter Made?

A question that frequently comes up in the “Growatt inverter review” discussion is about their origin. So, where is Growatt inverter made? Growatt is a Chinese-origin company established in 2010. Despite this short history, Growatt has rapidly risen to be a globally recognized provider of inverters, proven by its remarkable market presence in over 100 countries.

Growatt Inverter Price List

A pivotal point in any review is the price. With a broad range of models, the price of Growatt inverters varies significantly. For the most part, you can expect a price range of $1000 to $2000. Bear in mind factors such as the model, size, and place of purchase significantly influence the cost.

Final Thoughts

While wrapping up this “Growatt inverter review,” it’s clear that Growatt inverters offer practical, efficient and modestly priced solutions for your solar energy systems. With the panorama of my experience and customer reviews, it seems the Growatt Inverter indeed is worth the investment.

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