How Do I Hide My Wyze Camera? (Clever Ideas)

Hiding a Wyze camera isn’t difficult once you understand the basics and limitations. Before we gut the Teddy Bear, let’s discuss the essentials of surveillance camera security.

You’ve just bought and received a Wyze Camera package and are sorting through the contents and how to tackle the setup. 

The first question racking your mind is how do I hide my Wyze Camera? Well, let’s explore the possibilities and your best options.

  • Should I disguise my Wyze camera or not?
  • Is indoor or outdoor more practical?
  • What are the best disguise methods?
  • Name the tricks of the trade?
  • What are the challenges associated with both options?
  • Are there additional costs & considerations?

People often overlook how important storing footage remotely really is. Do not leave a recording device behind. Use cloud technology instead.

Hidden security camera

Ways to Disguise a Wyze Camera

When it comes to security cameras, there are two trains of thought. One is to display the camera in plain sight as a deterrent and send a loud message, “buddy, you’re on camera.” The other is to disguise the camera and become the discreet all-seeing eye.

Either way, the camera will secure your property. However, thinking like a thief or intruder may help you answer questions specific to your situation.

How can I hide my camera in plain sight? Believe it or not, the options are endless. There are many ingenious ways and products to help you hide your camera in plain sight.

Here’s how:

  • Use camera-specific gadgets like artificial plants, books, or clocks sold online
  • Use what you already have in your home, like home decorations, tissue boxes, curtain rods, stuffed toys
  • Mount on trees or bushes to camouflage
  • Install above the line of sight

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What are the Best Ways to Disguise my Wyze Camera in the Interior:

The best and easiest way is using home decor like books, collections of ornaments, stuffed toys, toys, and plants to blend a Wyze camera into its surroundings. You should ask yourself, “who and what do you want to capture on camera?”

Have fun hiding your camera and be resourceful. Don’t advertise the location because the rumor mill churns despite the trust you have in people. 


  • The panning angle
  • Lighting
  • Foot traffic
  • What area do you want to surveillance
  • Will a pet disturb the camera

An intruder is pressed for time and, more often than not, motivated by crimes of opportunity. If you need to monitor your property for other reasons, a more discreet hiding method may be required.

Myth: Burglars come at night. Not true. Burglars prefer daylight when no one is home to break into your house.

How do I Hide my Wyze Camera on the Exterior:

Hiding a Wyze camera on the outside provides different challenges. Cameras aren’t difficult to conceal on the exterior, but your neighbors will notice you taking out the ladder and installing the Wyze system.

It’s impossible to avoid that, but it may be good advertising.

A bonus to installing a security camera system is that it may save you 5% or higher in insurance costs and help you recover the price of a surveillance camera.

Popular places to mount a camera are:

  • Roofline for wide view
  • Porch and front door
  • Trees and shrubs
  • Outdoor living areas

Roof or Eaves

Mounting a camera on the roof or eaves provides a clear shot of who is coming and going on your property. Wyze engineered their cameras to withstand the elements. However, any shelter you can provide prolongs their life. The term is weather resistant.

One of the added benefits of mounting your camera high up is that it makes it difficult to steal or damage the camera, and the prowling cat or sniffing dog won’t trigger it.


Installing a camera on the porch protects the camera and gives you a face-to-face view of who is at the front door when you’re not home allowing you to identify the individual at a safe distance.

  • Use wall ornaments to disguise the camera
  • Hide next to a decorative light fixture
  • Disguise the camera with artificial plants or mailboxes


  • If you use shrubs or trees (avoid watering the camera with an activated sprinkler)
  • Leaves may block the view and or trigger movement
  • Porch pirates may steal your camera if not secured

Consider that planting a camera outdoors has a few issues that warrant further investigation. Birds and other critters may decide that your camera is an excellent base as a nest and trigger the motion & sound sensor needlessly.

Make sure:

  • Test the panning angle for obstructions
  • Provides enough shelter to limit exposure to weather/sun
  • Do you want anyone to see the camera?
  • Do you have legal permission to record footage?

What Features Does a Wyze Pan Camera Offer?

Wyze cameras offer technology that constantly evolves. The Pan V2 is designed to record a 12-second action video on a hair-trigger when it detects sound or motion. Its programmed push notifications alert you instantly.


The Pan V2 is an upgraded version of the previous features and includes color night vision, a CPU with more processing power, and better motion detection.

The V3 has even more security features that the improved V2 doesn’t have.

  • Color night vision sensor & capabilities with minimum light
  • Hardwire option
  • No base station for WiFi
  • IP65 weather-resistant 
  • Improved indoor infrared lighting
  • Accessory option
  • Mounting hardware redesign

The same installing and hiding options prevail but consider purchasing a simple gadget to hide your camera instantly and effectively if you don’t want the hassle.

Myth: Security decals deter burglars. That depends on the experience of the burglar. Professionals know how to disable alarms. Large dogs are a better deterrent than a sticker.

Hiding a Security Camera in my Window?

Once you determine that the best option for using your security camera for optimum viewing is behind a window, it’s more challenging to disguise the camera.

A sheet of glass protects the camera from animals and weather, but the person entering your home may be coming in through other weak spots.

Glass is an excellent deterrent for spur-of-the-moment thieves, but the light and angle may distort the filmed image. Do a few test scenarios.

  • Consider installing a one-way film
  • Hide camera inside a box or ornament on the window ledge
  • Use an indoor plant to disguise the camera
  • Mount camera in the upper corner for pan angle & disguise with window treatment
  • Consider installing a motion light in conjunction with the camera

Problems of Hiding Behind Glass:

Light and glass produce less than the ideal light situation. In full sun, the glare distorts images, and in poor light conditions, sometimes it’s impossible to get a clear picture.

  • Glass may prevent clear image due to light distortion
  • IR may interfere. Consider switching it off for better images
  • Consider using with exterior motion light for night footage

Can Someone Hide a Camera in Your House Without Your Knowledge?

Absolutely! If you suspect being monitored with an illegal camera, there is an app for that.

Bedrooms are accessible places to hide a camera, like among throw cushions, alarm clocks, curtain rods, ornaments; you name it, someone’s thought of it.

You can scan any room for hidden WiFi and infrared cameras hidden in your home by downloading a smartphone app.

While being recorded in your home is an invasion of privacy, the same can happen when you rent a vacation home. Click on the hidden camera app below for additional tips for unearthing hidden cameras.

Myth: Cameras signal that there is a treasure worth protecting. True. But most thieves respect new technology. Cameras produce an instant response from their security features, allowing anyone to contact emergency services remotely. 

Wyze cameras come with magnetic discs that allow you to stick them to metal. Watch this handy video that explores Wyze camera functions


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