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If you’re looking for a way to make money while helping the environment, then becoming a solar panel distributor might be just what you’ve been waiting for. Due to their cost benefits, solar panels are gaining popularity in the United States.

If you’re interested in making some money by becoming a solar panel distributor, this article will help you understand:

  • What it takes to be a solar panel distributor
  • The importance of marketing as a solar panel distributor
  • The requirements you need to address to become a solar panel distributor

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, continue reading.

Business And Sales Infographic
Business And Sale Infographic

What Does a Solar Panel Distributor Do?

Rather than active users of solar energy systems, distributors act as intermediaries between manufacturers and buyers.

They help find customers who want to buy high-quality products at affordable prices before connecting them with sellers so they can complete their transactions.

Solar panel distributors are often responsible for marketing strategies, developing new products, and working on sales. In addition to this, they also have administrative duties, such as handling inventory or managing finances.

To become a solar panel distributor, you must have good written communication skills and an understanding of finance.

It’s also helpful if you know about software design because there is a lot of data entry involved with this job role.

How to Become a Solar panel Authorized Distributor?

Solar panels are a great way to save money on energy bills and help reduce CO2 emissions. But before you can become an authorized distributor of solar panels, you must fulfill licensing requirements set by the state where your business is based.

Fulfill Licensing Requirements

The first step is to fill out the application form for your state’s Department of Environmental Protection or other regulating agency.

Your company must provide information about its officers, directors, shareholders, managers, agents, and other members, and any affiliates that may sell solar panel systems.

You will also have to:

  1. Get licensed with an installer or manufacturer of solar panels
  2. Pass an exam on photovoltaic systems installation and safety standards
  3. Complete state certification requirements if necessary
  4. Purchase insurance coverage from a qualified provider.

Come Up With a Business Plan

To become an authorized distributor, you will need to develop a business plan that includes:

  1. Your company’s mission statement and goals
  2. Market research on whether there is enough demand in your area to support the cost of distributing panels
  3. Financial projections for start-up costs and growth over the next few years
  4. Marketing strategy, advertising campaigns, or other promotions that will be used to create awareness about your product among potential clients
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By taking these steps before implementing your idea, you can ensure that any risks involved are minimized while maximizing your chances for success.

Seek Financing

Starting a business is not easy. You need to do many things, and one of the most important tasks is securing financing. One of the best ways to finance your company is by looking for solar panel distributor financing.

It will enable you to get credit from banks, investors, or other institutions to pay off your debts over time without having any cash upfront.

The good thing about this type of loan is that it has low-interest rates, which means fewer fees for repayment.

Identify Wholesale Suppliers

Solar power systems are a hot commodity, and finding the best supplier for your needs is essential.

You should always ask about minimum purchase requirements to qualify for wholesale pricing before making any purchases in bulk from an exchange company or dealer.

Many dealers offer discounts on the retail cost when purchasing more significant volumes of goods like solar panels at once, which could be as much as 40%.

Be particular while shopping around and ensure every piece has been factory-fresh, direct from its country’s manufacturing plants.

Build Inventory

To become a solar panel distributor, you must purchase at least two systems designed for residential household use and three smaller, more portable models.

For temporary uses in vacation cabins or hobbyists’ remote power needs, consider getting smaller versions that can be easily transported from one location to another using your car as an installation site.

Schedule an Opening

On your first day in business, host an open house for residents and customers. Offer door prizes, including solar-powered pinwheel fans that children can use as well as electronics, such as calculators or emergency radios.

Provide coffee drinks free of charge so people may learn about how you offer them something new.

Provide Free Estimates

As a solar panel distributor, providing free estimates for all of your potential customers is essential. Now, what does a free estimate entail?

A free estimate is an offer given by a potential installer of solar panels where they go to a customer’s house, assess their property, and estimate how much it would cost to install a solar panel on their roof.

This type of offer is popular with homeowners because they can compare prices from different companies without spending any money.

Comply With Professional Industry Standards

It is essential for a solar panel distributor to know industry standards and how they can be applied. To provide the best customer service, distributors must implement these standards to stay competitive in today’s market.

To become a distributor, you will need experience repairing and installing solar panels.

There are many professional industry standards for a Solar Panel Distributor, such as:

  • Make sure all products come from verified suppliers
  • Educating customers about the benefits of going green
  • Have customer service available 24/7
  • Provide excellent installation services that meet warranty requirements

As a distributor, it’s also essential to keep up-to-date on any changes in legislation that could affect your plan.

Solar Panels On A House With A Metal Roof
Solar Panels On A House With A Metal Roof

How important is a Marketing Plan For a Solar Panel Distributor?

An important step for any distributor or seller of products today in the modern-day business world is marketing. Marketing can be done through many mediums, but using a website is one of the most effective and popular ways.

A website allows you to connect with customers and potential clients who may not know your business or what you do.

It also gives you the chance to put your best foot forward by showcasing what makes your company unique and valuable to current and prospective customers. Some aspects that should be considered when designing a solar panel distributor’s website include layout, navigation, content, and social media integration.


Design is an integral part of any company’s success. A website needs to have an excellent layout to be successful. The solar panel distributor should have a clean and professional design that will entice visitors to learn more about the company.

If the site doesn’t look legitimate, it won’t get many clicks or shares – which can hurt their business in the long run.


Navigation is an important aspect of any website. However, it’s not just for the user to have a better experience on your website.

It also helps with SEO and improves conversion rates. A website with easy navigation can help you reach your goals as a solar panel distributor looking to expand your market online.


The importance of content for a solar panel distributor’s website is well-documented.

The internet has made it possible for customers to find anything they need. People looking for a distributor specializing in solar panels want to read about the benefits of choosing this type of product.

Social Media Integration

Connecting your website to other platforms effectively expands reach and increases engagement through earned media. If you share your posts on Facebook or Twitter, people will see them in their feeds.

Social media also has the potential to go viral if shared by others who have large audiences. There are many platforms today where marketers can share their content- some popular ones include Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Solar Panel Distributor

There are many different ways to make money as a solar panel distributor. You can either lease or buy panels, sell them wholesale at the best possible price, and then resell them for profit.

The amount of money you will earn depends on how much work you put in and your sales skillset.

Solar panel distributors can make a lot of money by selling these products.

If you’re interested in becoming a solar panel distributor, then the information included in this article should help you get started.

General Solar Panel FAQ

What Problems Do Solar Panels Solve?

In environmental terms, solar panels can potentially solve a handful of problems, including;
1. Air pollution
2. Water pollution
3. Greenhouse gases
4. Reduction in fossil fuel use

For individuals, solar energy allows you to become completely self-sufficient when it comes to your electricity needs and can save you a lot of money in the long run.

What Are 3 Important Uses Of Solar Panels?

The three most important uses of solar panels are;
1. Solar electricity. This can be used to power almost any appliance in your home, including TVs, computers, and fridges.
2. Lighting. In addition to the use of low-power, LED lightbulbs, solar panels can provide an efficient, low-cost, and environmentally friendly way to provide lighting to homes. 
3. Portable solar. In our modern, always-connected lives, our phones, tablets, and computers are almost always with us, and all run on batteries. Portable PV chargers can help keep our batteries topped up no matter where we are, as long as there is some sun to charge them.

Do solar panels give you free electricity?

Once the cost of the array is paid in full, the energy it produces is free. There are ongoing maintenance costs, too, such as annual panel cleaning, etc. 

How much will my electric bill be with solar panels?

Suppose your solar array includes a solar battery backup system, and it is large enough to fully cover your energy usage per day. In that case, your monthly electric bill will be next to zero dollars, even with a grid-tied system. 

If your solar array does not include a solar battery backup system, then at night, your house or business will use grid electricity. That cost will vary but expect to pay from 1/3-2/3 of your average electric bill, and that cost will fluctuate seasonally. 

Do you save money with solar panels?

The simple answer is, Yes, you save money with solar panels. There is an initial upfront cost, but since solar panels are warrantied for 25 years, you will save money over time. You will also begin to see monthly savings in energy bills, but there are other ways that solar panels pay you back. Those include:
1. Adding value to your home or commercial building 
2. Monthly decreases in energy costs
3. The ability to add more energy appliances without increased monthly costs
4. The potential for tax credits for going solar

Can solar panels power a house 24-7?

Most definitely! Solar panels can certainly power a house 24-7, with the addition of a high-quality inverter and a suitable battery bank, of course. To power, a house under normal usage will require a massive solar array, though, and there will be a very expensive initial financial outlay.

Do I need to tell my energy supplier I have solar panels?

This depends on where you live, but in most cases, it’s not necessary to inform your energy supplier that you have solar panels. That said, you may be producing excess power with your solar system, in which case you may be able to sell that excess power back to energy companies.

In this case, you’ll naturally need to be in contact with them. 

What Are Solar Cells Known as and Why?

Solar cells are also called photovoltaic (PV) cells. They are called so because the term ‘photovoltaic’ literally means light i.e. photo and electricity i.e. voltaic.

These cells generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect. This effect basically causes the generation of free electrons from the semiconducting silicon material of the solar panel when sunlight hits its surface.

What Type of Solar Panels Are Most Efficient and Why?

There are currently three types of solar panels available in the market that are:
1. Monocrystalline
2. Polycrystalline
3. Thin-filmed

Among these, monocrystalline solar panels are known to be the most efficient among all others.

Does heat enter your home through the roof?

Absolutely. Heat enters your home through your roof, and on a hot day your attic can get up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Through conduction, heat from the sun warms your roof which then warms your attic and the rest of your home.

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