KickAss Solar Panel (Your Best Choices)

Finding quality solar panels is essential for an efficient solar system. The quality and efficiency of the solar panels will affect the sizing of the solar system to meet the demand and the overall reliability of the solar system.

Kickass solar panels may be an unknown brand to you, so we will explore these solar panels to establish if they will suit your solar application.

  • Are Kickass solar panels any good?
  • Is the Kickass brand from Australia?
  • What are Kickass solar panels designed for?

Kickass is a brand that supplies a variety of solar-related products aimed at a particular market. Solar panels are part of their solar equipment offering, but would they be a good choice for your solar installation?

Kickass Solar Panels

Are Kickass Solar Panels Good Quality?

Assessing the quality of a solar panel is not always easy since solar panels can be manufactured for specific applications.

Evaluate Solar Panel

Using a solar panel outside of its designed intention may result in the panel not meeting your expectations. Consequently, it is always beneficial to test or use a solar panel in its intended configuration to properly evaluate its quality.

What should you look to evaluate a solar panel for quality?

  • Robust construction. The solar panel should be made from materials that will withstand the conditions the panel is intended to work in.
  • Quality PV cells. The quality of the PV cells will determine the ultimate overall efficiency of the solar panel.
  • The technology used in the solar panel. Solar panel technology is improving at a rapid rate with the increased interest in this energy source. Solar panels that use up-to-date technology will be lighter, more efficient, produce higher power output and better quality.

How do Kickass solar panels stack up to these requirements for quality solar panels? The Kickass range of solar products is designed for harsh, rugged outdoor conditions.

The PV cells are A-Grade monocrystalline solar cells known in the industry to be of superior quality to the polycrystalline cells used in cheaper panels.

The solar cells are covered with a durable, high-quality Japanese-made ETFE 7-layer film to protect the cells offering rugged durability for harsh outdoor conditions.

The framing for the panels are lightweight, low-profile aluminum to provide rigidity to the solar panels with reinforced corners, which are often the failure points of solar panel frames.

The connectors and wiring used on the solar panels are top-grade, quality connectors that will easily last the panels’ lifetime. The panels come with built-in charge controllers, which can be disconnected from the solar panel should you want to configure the panels differently.

Where Is The Kickass Solar Brand From?

The Kickass brand of solar products is an Australian company that specializes in rugged outdoor solar solutions.

They market their products as being Outback-proof, meaning that the solar products are designed to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions of the Australian Outback.

All the solar products offered by Kickass undergo thorough testing in the Australian semi-desert Outback, some of the harshest countries on the planet.

The solar panels are not manufactured by Kickass themselves, but they source quality solar components worldwide to build into their solar products. The products are extensively tested before receiving the stamp of approval to be released to customers.

The products are well-known in Australia and are considered to be a premium solution for the niche market.

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What Other Solar Products Does Kickass Offer?

Solar panels are not the only solar products in the Kickass solar range. They offer a wide selection of solar battery systems, including battery boxes and dual systems for off-road vehicles.

Solar system cables and wiring, Anderson connectors, battery wiring kits, charge controllers, inverters, and various solar testing tools make up their solar accessories range.

The Kickass company also offers a range of portable 12-volt fridges and freezers designed for optimum efficiency on solar systems.

What Are Kickass Solar Panels Designed For?

The topic of purpose-built design relates directly to the Kickass solar panel products. These panels are designed for a particular solar niche and may not be suitable for other solar applications outside this niche.

The Kickass solar panels are designed to be portable rather than fixed installation solar panels. The product is geared specifically for the camping and off-roading market.

Due to the outdoor and off-roading focus of the Kickass solar products, their systems are mostly designed for 12-volt systems and with features intended to be specific for camping and outdoor requirements.

The systems are designed to ensure compatibility with campers, RVs, off-road vehicles, and general camping applications rather than a permanent application for a household.

The features included in the solar panel that is specific to the intended application are as follows.

  • Foldable panels. The panels are foldable and collapse down into a compact, portable package.
  • Lightweight construction. A focus on the panels is the quest to limit the weight to aid in the portable nature of the solar panels. This is why the ETFE film is used on the panels as a covering rather than the traditional glass covering on domestic application solar panels.
  • Portability of the panels. The panels are designed for portability. They are not intended to be fixed in position on a framework for permanent installation.
  • Easy orientation. The panels are designed with their own integrated stand to facilitate easy orientation of the solar panels to receive maximum sun exposure.
  • A heavy-duty carry bag. Kickass solar panels come with heavy-duty carry bags to further facilitate the portability of the panels. The folded panels fit neatly inside the bag with an outside pocket for all the connection accessories needed.

The panels offered by Kickass start with a 50W fold-up panel designed to charge the Kickass Handy Power Pack. The other solar panels offered are 200W and 300W. Some of the panels are packaged with other components, such as MPPT solar controllers.

Portable Solar Panel

What Are The Disadvantages Of Kickass Solar Panels?

The main disadvantage of the Kickass solar panels is the feature set that makes them suitable for their niche market.

The portability and foldability aspects make the panels unsuitable for a permanent solar installation without building customized brackets.

Another limiting aspect is that the system is designed for 12-volts only to accommodate compatibility with caravans, campers, and RV’s, limiting its usability for other applications.

Delivery of the product to destinations outside of Australia is not supported by the sales company and would require the services of a forwarding agent, increasing the cost.

The final factor that could deter some potential customers is the price of the panels. These solar are niche products manufactured for specific applications and design features for the camping and outdoor market.

The time dedication given to purpose-built niche features and the quality of the components selected to manufacture a durable product to withstand the rigors of camping contribute to the product’s relatively expensive price tag.

However, quality products make fr a robust solar panel that works well for its intended application. There are cheaper versions available for other solar applications, so you do not need to pay for design features that are irrelevant to your application.

KickAss Solar Panel Features

Monocrystalline Solar Cells

Solar cells are a great way to produce electricity. Monocrystalline solar cells are made from a single silicon crystal cut into wafers that have been polished flat.

These crystals generally have a higher efficiency than other semiconductor materials because they use all of the available sunlight to create electricity—this means less wasted energy! Monocrystalline also works better in low light conditions because they absorb more light at lower temperatures.

Waterproof Controller

The KickAss Solar Panel Waterproof Controller is used for solar panels and protects your devices from water, dust, snow, ice, or any other type of weather-related damage. One of the main features of this controller is its IP68 rating.

Battery Status Indicator

KickAss Solar Panel Battery Status Indicator was designed to provide an easy way to see the status of your solar panels and batteries. The indicator provides information such as charging, storage, and voltage levels specific to each panel.

Unlike other models on the market, which only provide one or two data points at a time, this product gives you all three: charging, storage, and voltage level.

With this device, there’s no need to open up your cabinet and dig through cables to find out if everything is working properly; take a glance at the display on top.

Stainless Steel Fittings

The KickAss Solar Panel Stainless Steel Fittings are the most durable and flexible solar panel fittings on the market. These fittings can be bent without breaking and will never corrode or rust.

As solar panels become more and more common for residential rooftop installations, these fittings will help homeowners save money on installation costs by reducing labor time.

The stainless steel construction also means they won’t absorb heat from the sun like aluminum does, so your system stays cooler than ever before.

It’s no wonder there has been such an outpour of positive feedback from customers who have purchased these fittings already.

Rubber Protection on The Back

One thing that makes KickAss Solar Panels different from other solar panels is their durable rubber coating on the back.

This protection helps prevent bumps and scratches, which can happen when transporting your panel or storing it in your garage. It helps keep the solar cells protected for years to come so you can get more power out of them than ever before.

Insulated Cabling

KickAss Solar Panel Insulated Cabling is the best solar panel cable insulation on the market. It’s made from a special material with great insulating properties and is extremely durable to withstand even the harshest conditions.

KickAss Solar Panel insulated cabling can be used in any weather condition you might find yourself in, be it hot or cold, wet or dry, sunny or cloudy; no matter what environment you’re in, this cable will protect your cables and make sure they don’t get damaged by heat loss.

The Best KickAss Solar Panels

KICKASS 12V 300W Portable Camping Solar Panel & 40A MPPT Solar Controller

If you’re looking for a way to power your camping gear, look no further. The KICKASS 12V 300W Portable Camping Solar Panel & 40A MPPT Solar Controller is the product for you! This panel has a rated maximum power of 300W and can output 16.67A at max.

It has a battery input so that you can use an RV or car battery as well. It’s got many features such as being weather-resistant, lightweight, and compact with built-in blocking diode protection from reverse current flow.

40A MPPT Solar Controller

The 40A MPPT Solar Controller is a device that converts the DC power generated by solar panels into AC power to be used in homes and businesses. It can also operate as an intelligent battery charger, ensuring that batteries are always charged at their full capacity.

The KickAss 40A MPPT comes with an RJ12 communication interface. It was designed to have an intuitive user interface and can be programmed with various settings for different applications such as 12 or 24 volt systems, tracking, and many more.

LCD Display For Solar Monitoring

The 40A MPPT Solar Controller is a great way to monitor your solar panel output of power. With the LCD display, you can set it up to get notified when there’s a problem with your system.

This controller has an easy-to-read screen, so if you’re looking for something simple but powerful, then this may be just what you need.

Battery Temperature Sensor

Solar panels are great, but they need to be backed up with a battery, or you’ll have no power when the sun goes down. The 40A MPPT Solar Controller with Battery Temperature Sensor is an easy way to get around this problem.

It’s designed for off-grid living and RV use, so it will store all of your solar energy during the day so it can provide power at night.


This high-quality product features a durable fabric exterior with an aluminum frame that will hold up well against even the toughest of users. Its dimensions are 2692MM(W) x 20MM(D) x 705MM(H) unfolded and 673MM(W) x 80MM(D) x 705MM(H) while folded.

KickAss 50W Fold Up Microlite Panel

The KickAss 50W Fold Up Microlite Panel is designed to work with The Handy Powerpack. The foldable panel has an output of 50 watts and can provide up to 12 hours of light on a single charge. It’s lightweight, durable, and folds into four panels that are only 1 inch thick when packed down.

Its ETFE cell coating provides corrosion-free protection for outdoor enthusiasts. With this product, you never have to worry about running out of juice again while enjoying all the great outdoors.

Easy To Carry and Setup

The KickAss 50W Fold Up Microlite Panel is the perfect product for people looking to set up quick, easy lighting. It’s lightweight and durable, so it can be taken anywhere, even if you’re on a bike or doing some other outdoor activity.

The panel itself has a 5M cable that plugs into any standard outlet, so you don’t have to worry about batteries running out.

A Grade Monocrystalline

The Kickass 50w fold-up microlite panel uses A-grade monocrystalline solar cells to maximize efficiency and minimize weight for easy carrying on the go.

Type Of Batteries For KickAss Solar Panels

AGM Battery

The AGM battery for the KickAss Solar Panel is a sealed lead acid battery that has been designed to work with your solar panel kit. It can be used as an emergency backup power source, or it can be used during cloudy days when your solar panels are not generating enough electricity.

The AGM battery provides clean power and is maintenance-free, making it perfect for use in remote locations where you need dependable power without any upkeep.

Gel Battery

Gel Battery is more stable than your average lead-acid battery. It provides energy in the form of electricity when an external power source charges it, and when there’s no sun, it can be used to store energy for later use.

They are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, which means they’re perfect for places with hot or cold weather.

Gel Battery has many perks over traditional batteries, like a longer life span and fewer maintenance costs.

Sealed Battery

The first thing you need to know about sealed batteries is that they are not like typical car batteries. A sealed battery for solar panel use is often called a deep cycle because it can be discharged and charged more than a standard lead-acid automotive battery.

The second thing you need to know is that your sealed battery should be rated at least 20% higher than the power of your solar panels, but the best way to find out how much power you need is by consulting with an expert in this field.

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