Noma Solar Panel: Review & Products

Wouldn’t it be handy to have a portable solar power source for camping or boating in remote river valleys? Wouldn’t you love to be able to set up a solar panel in your yard or on your shed for just a few hours?

The problem? Most solar panels are manufactured for permanent installation only. The Noma portable solar panel is the obvious solution.

In this article, I’ll cover these facts about the Noma solar panel and more:

• How to select a portable solar panel
• What’s unique about the Noma portable solar panel
• How people use them
• The Noma warranty
• Setup instructions

The need is clear for a portable solar panel. The possible applications are endless. I’ve included everything you would love to know about the Noma solar panel. Please read on.

Solar Panel With a Hand on It

How to Choose the Best Noma Solar Panel

Charging Power

Solar panels are always rated for power output in watts. List all your energy needs in remote areas and add them up. Can you get by with a 50-watt solar panel or will you need 75 watts? Err on the side of higher wattage.

How fast do you want to charge your devices? Bear in mind that a 100-watt solar panel will recharge them faster than a 20-watt panel.

Solar Panel Size

Make sure your solar panel will fit inside your car, van, or truck. You won’t be able to take it camping if you can’t squeeze it in. Measure for height and width. Err on the side of smaller size.

Panel Setup

You will be constantly readjusting your portable solar panel. Make sure it either comes with a supporting stand or one bought separately will work with your panel. Check to see if the angle can be adjusted during the day.

Charging Your Batteries

Does your solar panel come with batteries, a charge controller, and a power inverter? The charge controller will prevent your panel from overcharging the batteries.

The inverter will turn DC power from your panel into AC power (used by most devices in your home).

If not, are most batteries and inverters compatible with your panel? One USB port on your panel will make it compatible with most devices.

Noma 75-Watt Portable Solar Panel

This solar panel, designed for camping and other remote work, outperforms those manufactured just a few years ago. It will charge a standard 12V battery. It won’t charge it as fast as a 100-watt panel, but it works fast enough for most applications.

It can be left standing on the fully adjustable kickstand or be hung in place in the sun for charging.

Brand Overview

Noma, a manufacturer of lighting, has branched out into the solar panel market. The company distributes its solar panels at Canadian Tire stores through its online site.


The Noma solar panel carries a 5-year exchange warranty redeemable at any Canadian Tire store.


When customers bring in their original receipt, Canadian Tire will offer an exchange or give a full refund on Noma solar panels. If customers can’t find their receipt, Canadian Tire offers a receipt look-up.


The reviews of the Noma solar panel have been largely positive. People praised the product for durability and easy setup in remote areas.

What are Noma Solar Panels Used For?

People use these portable solar panels for remote-powering of their devices. They are mostly used by campers.

Portable solar panels are also handy for charging remote devices while engaging in yard maintenance and gardening, working on the car, hunting, and boating.

Anyone engaged in remote occupations, such as farm work, aquaculture, or operating irrigation systems has found Noma solar panels invaluable.

What’s unique about Noma solar panels?

These panels are powerful. A reviewer tested a panel and found after two hours in direct sunlight, it had fully recharged the batteries.

Noma portable solar panels are sold exclusively through Canadian Tire Stores.


The Noma 75-watt portable solar panel is built for remote use:

• Rugged aluminum frame for extended outdoor use
• Charges 12V batteries (sold separately)
• Recommended to be used with a charge controller (not included)
• Fully weatherproof
• Easy installation and maintenance-free
• Assembled Size: depth 30.00 inches, height 1 inch, weight 10.4 pounds, width 26 1/4 inches
• Product Number: 31071
• Frame Material: Aluminum
• Solar Material: Crystalline
• Voltage tester is included


The Noma portable solar panel is the solution people have been seeking to the problem of generating power in remote places. It gives people flexibility, mobility, getting power wherever they are, and enjoy life more while camping.

Portable solar panels provide emergency backup power during power outages or unexpected natural disasters.

People who wish to permanently install these panels will find the pre-drilled mounting holes extremely useful for that task.

The easy-to-read user’s manual is available for free as a PDF download from the Canadian Tire online store.


Reviewers have found Noma solar panels to be reliable and powerful enough to charge multiple devices at once. Both are very handy attributes for camping and remote work.

One reviewer tested the Noma on a cloudy day and found it would recharge batteries, but far more slowly than on a sunny day.

On a sunny day, the panel produced more amps than the specs said it would.

The Noma has an easy-to-read charging panel and a handy adjustable stand with clamps.

Another reviewer praised the clarity of the user’s manual, then admitted that he didn’t even need to use it because the Noma was extremely easy to set up.


The solar panel is quite large. It can’t be folded. This makes it far too large and awkward to carry while hiking. If campers wish to use this panel, they must make sure their vehicle is large enough to carry it without damaging the solar power elements.

It does not come with batteries.

It’s pricier than most portable solar panels.


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