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For today’s solar module manufacturers, cost and ease of integration are two critical issues when adopting new technologies. SolFilm meets both requirements.

SolFilm has been designed for straightforward adoption into existing solar module manufacturing lines. Thin and lightweight, SolFilm can be a direct replacement for thin film or silicon cells. Or, in a stacked mode it can be dropped in on top of a module during the latter stages of the manufacturing process, creating a stacked junction, high-efficiency tandem product.

For the stacked product, by using a 4-terminal layout (separate electrical wires from the SolFilm and from the Si/CIGS solar cells to the junction box), the actual amount of energy generated by the panel will be 15 to 20% higher than when the two layers are directly connected (2-terminal). This is because 4-terminal devices do not suffer from current mismatch caused by variation of light during the day.

Manufactured using Sol Voltaics’ revolutionary Aerotaxy® deposition process, SolFilm offers a business model-friendly solution that will boost solar module efficiency by at least 50% for a minimal 5-10% increase in cost per Wp, increasing the overall value of the solar module.

SolFilm also positively transforms the aesthetic of solar modules, providing a beautiful, uniform black surface. As solar energy adoption continues to increase, the appearance of solar modules, particularly within urban areas, is becoming ever more important. SolFilm offers manufacturers an easily integrated and attractive solar solution.

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