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Pioneering SolFilm™ offers module manufacturers a low-cost, drop-in solution to boost conventional PV module efficiencies by 50% via ultra-high efficiency tandem modules. Alternatively if used alone, SolFilm can be a cost winning high efficiency solution.

SolFilm is a lightweight photonic film consisting of high-efficiency, gallium arsenide PV nanowires. Manufactured through patented Aerotaxy® process, SolFilm converts high energy sunlight directly into power and is transparent for infra-red light. The infra-red light can be converted into power by an underlying CIGS or silicon cell in a stacked configuration, enabling a far greater power conversion efficiency than found in current leading edge conventional modules.

By adding SolFilm onto crystalline silicon or CIGS modules, solar manufacturers are able to boost their 17% conversion efficiency modules to efficiencies well beyond the conventional silicon limits of 23-24% — representing a 50% improvement in performance.

A robust solution, SolFilm has been designed for straightforward module integration. Whether used alone or in a stacked scenario this low-cost approach to manufacturing high-efficiency solar panels helps reduce the levelized cost of energy for module manufacturers and end-users.

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