Solar Panel for Arlo (What’s Best and Alternatives)

Home security with video cameras is becoming more popular each day. Home security companies have taken advantage of new technology to provide service that was thought out of reach just a few years ago. 

Arlo is becoming one of the most popular home security systems because of its wireless technology, apps, and HD cameras. They have also pioneered solar panels to power their home security cameras.  

In this article, I’ll cover everything you need to know about using Arlo solar panels, including:

  • How long do Arlo solar panels last?
  • Can Arlo solar panels get wet?
  • How long does it take for solar panels to charge Arlo?
  • How to position Arlo solar panels.
  • Troubleshooting various problems with Arlo solar panels. 

Arlo is already keeping you from losing sleep with its top-notch security equipment. If you want to make sure Arlo isn’t losing sleep due to a lack of battery or energy, keep reading to be wary of all the best ways to power your cameras with solar panels.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know to make your Arlo home security system eco-friendly and vigilant no matter what the weather. 

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Does Arlo Have a Solar Panel? 

Yes, Arlo has solar panels. Arlo solar panels are a great way to avoid the hassle of changing the batteries on Arlo cameras. Arlo has two different types of solar panels. One type has magnetic connections and works with the Arlo Ultra and Pro 3 cameras.

The other type does not have a magnetic connection and works on the Pro, Pro 2, and Go 1 camera.

The Arlo solar panel is a straightforward design. Each panel comes with the panel and an 8-foot charging cable. The mount for the solar panel is already attached. The wall mount is heavy-duty. It is made of metal and looks much sturdier than the mount that comes with the camera.

Depending on which type of panel you have, the solar panel will either attach to the side or top of the camera. Solar panels come in black or white to match the Arlo cameras.

Do I Need a Solar Panel for Each Arlo Camera?

Each Arlo solar panel will provide enough power for one Arlo camera. This is important to consider when deciding how many solar panels you need for your home security system. 

If you have four Arlo cameras, you will need at least four Arlo Solar Panels. The number of solar panels may increase depending on the placement of your cameras and other environmental factors such as trees or buildings that could block sunlight.

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Does the Arlo Solar Panel Work in Low-light Conditions?

The Arlo Solar Panel will fully power an Arlo camera in low-light/shady conditions. The solar panel is large and efficient enough that even deflected or partial light is enough to power the camera.

This means that you can power your Arlo cameras in shaded portions of your home.

The combination of the Arlo solar panel and the batteries of the Arlo camera means that even in less-than-ideal conditions, your camera will be up and running.

Arlo Solar Panel Charger (2021 Released) - Arlo Certified Accessory - Works with Arlo Pro 5S 2K, Pro...
  • Keep your Arlo Pro 5S 2K, Pro 4, Pro 3, Floodlight, Ultra 2, and Ultra Camera's battery charged with direct sunlight
  • Weather resistant design
  • Includes 8 foot magnetic power cable and adjustable mount

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Does the Arlo Solar Panel Work in Stormy Conditions?

Unfortunately, the Arlo Solar panel does not work well in stormy conditions. The battery on the camera is not large enough to power the camera for multiple days without a boost from the solar panel.

Additionally, a storm may activate the sensors on the camera, which will further deplete the camera’s battery.

During a long storm, your best bet may be to turn off the camera and turn it back on when the weather improves. The Arlo Solar panels are not large or efficient enough to power the camera through several days of bad weather.

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Does the Arlo Solar Panel Work in Sunny Conditions?

Arlo Solar Panels work well in sunny conditions. If the weather is good, they can change a depleted Arlo camera battery to full power in just two days. An Arlo solar panel will charge twice as fast in sunny vs. shaded conditions.

The Arlo Solar panel is a great way to keep your home security system up and running even in power-outage conditions. Solar panels are an eco-friendly way to keep your home safe.

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What Solar Panel Works for Arlo Pro?

The Arlo VMA4600 solar panel is compatible with the Arlo Pro Camera. It is important to double-check what type of Arlo cameras you have before purchasing an Arlo solar panel. Arlo’s different cameras are compatible with different types of solar panels.

The VMA 4600 is weatherproof and connects to the Micro-USB port on the Arlo Pro camera. The solar panel comes with a water-resistant 6-foot cable.

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Why isn’t my Arlo Camera Charging with the Solar Panel? 

There are various reasons why your Arlo Solar Panel is not charging the camera. The solar panel is designed to keep the camera charged, not charge it from low to full battery. 

The first thing you should check is the camera’s battery. If it is fully depleted, you should first charge the battery before connecting it to the solar panel.

If the solar panel is still not charging the camera, there are several steps you can take:

  1. Double-check the connection between the solar panel and the camera. Unplug and then reinsert both ends of the plug into the solar panel and the camera. You have to squeeze both sides of the plug to take out and reinsert the plug. It should make a click when it is fully inserted.
  2. Check the amount of sunlight the solar panel is receiving. Ensure it is not obstructed by trees, part of your house, or another building.
  3. Check the outside temperature. The Arlo Camera and solar panel will not work in temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is below freezing, the camera will not charge.
  4. Double-check that the battery is inserted correctly into the Arlo camera. The solar panel is not designed to power the camera on its own. The batter must be appropriately inserted into the camera for the solar panel to charge the battery.
  5. Check the usage of the camera. If something is regularly setting off the motion detector on the camera, this will drain the battery rapidly. The solar panel cannot keep the battery charged if the camera is undergoing heavy usage.
  6. If none of these steps have solved your problem, reach out to Arlo Support for additional help.
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How Long Do Arlo Solar Panels Last?

Arlo Solar Panels have a lifespan of about 3-4 years. However, this will depend on the amount of sunlight the panel receives and how often the panel is used to charge the camera. 

As long as you see a green light on the front of the solar panel, you know that the solar panel is still working.

How Long Does it Take for a Solar Panel to Charge Arlo? 

The amount of time it will take for the solar panel to charge the camera will depend on the weather conditions and the usage of the camera.

It should take two days for the solar panel to charge an Arlo Camera from 0% to 100% in ideal weather conditions.

How Much Sun Does Arlo Solar Need? 

Solar panels need direct sunlight to work correctly. The solar panel will not work if it is cloudy, rainy, or snowing outside. Solar panels also need a clear line of sight to the sun.

If there are trees, buildings, or other objects obstructing the view of the sun, the solar panel will not charge the camera as quickly.

Does the Arlo Solar Panel Work With Arlo Pro 4? 

The Arlo Pro 4 is compatible with an Arlo Solar Panel. This specific solar panel works with the Arlo Ultra, Pro 3, Pro 4, and Go 2 cameras. It does not work with Arlo essential cameras or the Pro, Pro 2, and Go 1 camera.

How do I Know If My Arlo Solar Panel Is Working? 

After setting up the Arlo Solar Panel, check for the green light. This will indicate that it receives enough sunlight to produce an electrical charge.

Can Arlo Solar Panels Get Wet? 

Arlo Solar panels are designed to withstand rain and snow. However, it is water-resistant, not water-proof.

To protect your investment, you should avoid getting the panel too wet, which could damage the electrical components.

How Many Cameras Does Arlo Solar Charge? 

Each Arlo solar panel only charges one camera. 

Do You Have to Pay for Arlo Service? 

No, you do not have to pay for the Arlo service to use Arlo cameras. However, this only works if an Arlo base station supports the cameras. 

The base station connects with the cameras and the Arlo Video Doorbell. The connection to the base station provides longer battery life, better connectivity, and extra storage. The base station will save the video on either USB drives or SD cards.

However, the Arlo subscription provides several additional benefits to the cameras. Arlo Smart gives you further control over the cameras via AI motion detection, cloud storage, and customizable motion detection zones on the cameras.

Arlo’s plans also allow you to store your footage in 4K resolution and provide:

  • 24/7 emergency response.
  • Automatic storage for 30-days of footage.
  • Notifications directly to your phone.
  • Call-a-friend functions.
  • Smoke and CO2 alarms.
  • Priority support.

How Do I Position the Arlo Solar Panel to Get the Most Sunlight?  

The solar panel needs to be in a location where it will get direct sunlight. You should avoid areas that receive shade for large portions of the day. This means that trees, buildings, and other objects should not obstruct the view of the sun. Additionally, the solar panel needs to be facing the sun.

Your Arlo solar panel will be most effective if it is mounted facing true south in the northern hemisphere or true north in the southern hemisphere. You can identify true north or south using a compass.

The angle or tilt of the Arlo solar panel will also impact how effective it is. The Simply Solar App can help you tilt the solar panel to the appropriate angle.

You can use the included mount to position the panel on a flat surface such as a table. Alternatively, you can also mount the Arlo solar panel to the ground using a stake.

Finally, it is recommended that you clean the solar panel once every few months. The accumulation of dust or debris will negatively impact the ability of the solar panel to generate electricity.

When you are setting up your solar panel, it is essential to remember that several factors affect the efficacy of a solar panel. Average sun exposure, weather conditions, tilt angle, and debris can impact an Arlo solar panel. 

Additionally, as the season changes, the exact location will produce a different amount of energy.

Geographic locations also impact the amount of average sun exposure. You can use this map to help you plan out your Arlo solar panel positioning.

What are Arlo Solar Panel Alternatives?

Suppose your Arlo camera is located in a location that does not receive sufficient sunlight for a solar panel. In that case, you can still use the included battery to keep the camera running. The included battery will power the camera for several weeks. 

Alternatively, you can use a power bank to provide additional power for your camera. This does not entirely fix your power problem, but it will decrease the number of times you will have to charge the Arlo camera battery. 

A 10,000 mAh power bank will power your camera for an additional six to eight weeks.

If you want a long-term fix but do not want to spend the money on an Arlo solar panel, several other solar panel alternatives are available. The Wasserstein Solar Panel is compatible with Arlo cameras and comes in at half the price of Arlo solar panels.

iTODOS also has a three-pack of solar panels compatible with Arlo cameras. These solar panels are of higher quality than the Wasserstein Solar panels and give you additional control over their features. 

They are durable, efficient, and easy to mount. They are also cheaper than the original Arlo solar panels.

How to Install an Arlo Solar Panel?

Arlo Solar Panel installation is a simple process. First, find a location for your Solar Panel that receives direct sunlight and is free of obstructions.

Next, use the included mount to attach the Solar Panel to a flat surface or use the included stake to mount it on the ground.

Finally, connect the Solar Panel to your Arlo Camera using the micro USB cable.

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