Best Solar Panel For Jeep (Sizing and Power Solutions)

Jeep is a brand that is synonymous with outdoor living and outdoor adventure; both lifestyles are a perfect fit for mobile solar panels. There is even some crossover here for campers, camper vans, and RVs.

So what’s powering your outdoor adventure? Keep readings if you want to get started understanding the best solar panel options for Jeeps or other off-road machines. 

In this blog, we discuss:

  • Options for bringing solar to outdoor living 
  • Solar options for SUVs and Jeep adventures
  • What you need to set up a DIY solar array for your vehicle
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What are The Best solar panels for A Jeep

The good news is that there are many products and solar kits available to help meet those needs. They range from simple 5v cell and device chargers to kits that can power your 10-day back road camping adventure. 

If you are a DIY solar adventurer, you might consider saving those skills for situations where a solar kit does not fully meet your expectations. Most of the kits available are paired nicely for outdoor adventures.

Jeep Solar Kit Options

  • 10-100 watt 12v kits with many applications from charging cell phones and car batteries to coffee pots. Plus, some accessories allow you to attach multi-port chargers and other gizmos. 
  • 100+ watt 12v or 24v kits that can power your entire RV, camper, or gear
  • You should have little problem finding a kit that meets your solar power needs. Even kits that come with battery storage or that pair with a solar power bank. 

You also have options from portable rigid solar panels to flexible and foldable solar panels.

For example, you can attach a solar panel to the hood on jeeps if you remove the top or have a soft top. On hardtop models, you could attach a solar panel or two in a permanent setting. 

Jeeps and off-road vehicles come in an array of sizes and models. In addition, some have removable roofs, and others have permanently fixed roofs.

As a result, your options for adding solar to a Jeep or off-road vehicle are almost endless. 

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Is A 500-watt solar panel Good For My Vehicle

You can power many things with a 500-watt solar panel. Most come with an inverter so you can switch between DC appliances and AC appliances.

With 500 watt solar panels, you can charge smaller items like your phone and gaits that need more power, like a laptop.

Be sure that you are using an inverter; otherwise, you can burn out your gear. 

A 500-watt solar panel will pair with a battery storage system to power small appliances, such as a camping fridge, for items that require more energy.

In addition, a battery backup system will help you enjoy the energy from your solar panel throughout the night when the solar panel is not producing energy. 

Jeep Options for small-storage batteries for solar

  • Battery banks – The Jackery Solar Generator 1000 is an example. It is a power storage unit with two 100-watt solar panels and outlets that are AC. Powered by lithium, this power bank is ideal for outdoor adventures. 
  • Solar battery backup systems – The 12 Volt 200AH Deep Cycle Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery is an example of a solar battery storage unit. You’d need to add an inverter and charge controller, but your portable solar panels would charge this unit. This is not plug-and-play and is ideal for the DIY adventurer with some electrical knowledge. 

Many options are available to find either a battery bank or battery storage system for your solar panels and a solution that fits your outdoor living lifestyle. 

What Can 2000 watt solar panel Power in My Vehicle?

With 2000 watts of power from a solar panel, you are at 2kWh of energy for each hour the panel is in the sun. It is a tremendous amount of power.

You could power a 1000 watt microwave for quick camping meals, or you can enjoy fresh coffee each morning from a coffee maker.

You can bring more perishable food with you because a 2000 watt solar panel can run a fridge. 

Combined 2000 Watt Kit For Vehicles

There are kits available for Jeep and other off-road vehicles. For example, BLUETTI AC200P is a portable power station with solar panels included.

This is a solar generator kit, and it delivers 2,000 watts of energy. Potentially even more wattage if you are in a place where the sun shines for longer. 

You could attach the panels to the top of a Jeep or even a minivan.

You can also leave them 100 percent movable. This level of kit offers you many options for delivering real-world power in the middle of nowhere. 

What Can 100 watt solar panel Power in My Vehicle?

How much energy will a 100-watt solar panel produce? It depends on how many hours of sunlight the solar panel receives. If the following occurs:

  • Four hours of direct sunlight means a 100-watt solar panel will produce 400 watts of energy per day. 
  • Five hours of direct sunlight means a 100-watt solar panel will produce 500 watts of energy per day.
  • If you have three 100-watt solar panels that each receive four hours of direct sunlight, you will generate 400×3 or 1,200 watts of energy per day. 

This highly rated TopSolar portable kit with USB connections will be suitable for those looking for a lower-powered system – take a look here.

If you are trying to figure out how many 100 watt solar panels you need to power your outdoor living lifestyle, you will need to add up the energy usage of all the gear you bring with you.

Keep in mind that the energy a solar panel produces depends on how long it is in the sun and the quality of the sunlight. 

For Jeep adventuring and off-road camping, you are building an off-grid system. 

  • You will need solar panels that produce at least the minimum energy from your appliance energy audit (all the appliances and gear you want to run from the solar array.) 
  • You will need a battery backup system that can hold enough power to run whatever you need to run at night when the solar array is not working. 
  • You will need a solar controller to keep the batteries safe from overcharging. 
  • You may need a solar inverter to convert DC to AC, so you can safely charge AC gear such as a laptop. 
  • You will likely need adaptors for USB, two-prong, and three-prong plugs. 

If you are a DIY explorer, you may find the above list a perfect challenge. However, for those of you who are no DIY personalities, there are kits available too. 

What is the most effective solar panel?

The most effective top three brands of solar panels include SunPower, LG, and RED. Panasonic is a close fourth.

These brands offer solar panel efficiency ranging from 21.7%-22.8%, which breaks down to about a 1% difference between the top and fourth place brands. 

The closeness in solar efficiency means that you can focus on cost because you are not losing much energy production from any of these brands. 


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