Sungrow Inverter Review: An In-Depth Look at Performance and Features

Overview of Sungrow

Sungrow inverters are generally positively reviewed for their efficiency, reliability, and suitability for both residential and commercial solar panel systems. Users often appreciate the brand’s balance of cost-effectiveness with advanced features such as smart monitoring. However, some customers have reported issues with customer service and warranty claims.

Company History

Sungrow Power was established back in 1997, and is currently a global leader in research and development in solar inverters with a massive portfolio of photovoltaic inverter systems. This trailblazer company is dedicated to producing reliable and efficient energy solutions for a sustainable future. Thus, when we consider the company’s stock of experience and success, it’s clear that they are no new kid on the block when it comes to solar energy.

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Corporate Responsibility

The corporate ethos at Sungrow places a high emphasis on improving the world through sustainable energy actions. They’re a recognizable name in numerous large-scale projects around the globe, from solar farms in China to wind power projects in the US. These endeavors give them a clear footing in the global sustainable energy race.

Sungrow in Australia

In Australia, Sungrow holds a firm position in the solar inverter market alongside giants like Fronius, SMA, and Enphase. Their commitment to quality and innovation is not missed in the Australian market.

Sungrow’s Rank

In terms of ranking, Sungrow stands favourably among the top manufacturers of solar inverters across the globe. They boast a reputation for efficient, reliable inverters that inspire confidence in solar consumers.

Detailed Review of Sungrow Inverters

Let’s dig into the details now, starting with the kinds of Sungrow inverters available for you.

Overview of Solar Inverters

Solar inverters are the backbone of every solar energy system. They convert DC energy gathered by your solar panels into AC energy which is then usable in your home. Essentially, they’re the gatekeepers of your energy system.

Sungrow Range of Inverters

Sungrow’s solar inverters range from the more basic, yet efficient SG series solar inverters to the currently offered version, the SG-RS series, which comes with added features and connectivity.

Article Update (2021): Sungrow no longer manufactures the earlier model SG series inverters.

SG Series Solar Inverters

The SG series inverters are a great entry-point for those exploring the solar territory. They offer respectable output efficiency, ranging from 1KW to 20KW, making them suitable for different array sizes.

New SG-RS Series Solar Inverters

Their currently stocked model, the SG-RS series, brings more to the table than it’s older cousin SG series. Equipped with more advanced features, the SG-RS series ensures optimal efficiency and reliability.

Previous Model SG Series Inverters

Previous Model SG Series Inverters

The previous model SG series inverters, while no longer in manufacture, still remain popular among solar users, which is a testament to their durability and effectiveness.

Sungrow Inverter Efficiency

You might now be asking, “Do Sungrow inverters get hot?” A question worth asking given that inverter efficiency often correlates to how hot the inverter gets. The efficiency of Sungrow inverters is impressive. They run only mildly warm, even in hot Australian summers, thanks to their superior thermal performance.

Are Sungrow inverters any good?

The answer, in my 20 years of experience, is a resounding YES. With an efficiency rate of over 98% across most of their range, their inverters perform reliably even in less-than-ideal conditions. They also come loaded with attractive features like Wi-Fi monitoring and are compatible with export limitation and various energy storage solutions.

Sungrow Energy Storage Solutions

Sungrow offers an array of hybrid inverters and energy storage systems that allow for energy consumption adjustments based on your needs. From the SH5K-30 hybrid inverter to the Sungrow SBR battery system, Sungrow’s energy storage solutions are engineered to optimize your energy consumption.

SH5K-30 Hybrid Inverter

The SH5K-30 is an intelligent energy management system that’s compact and easy to install. It boasts seamless switchover to keep your power on during a blackout, which gives it browny points.

Hybrid Inverter Features

SH5K-30 is equipped with Advanced Battery Management (ABM) technology and a maximum charging efficiency over 97%, making this inverter a key player in your home energy system.

SH-RT 3-Phase Hybrid Inverter

The SH-RT 3-phase hybrid inverter is a flexible and efficient energy solution that comes with maximum battery compatibility—something you don’t want to miss!

SH-RS Single-Phase Hybrid Inverters

The SH-RS single-phase hybrid inverters with their advanced features like PID recovery and battery-ready feature, make them a good fit for any home solar system.

Advanced Features – PID

Potential Induced Degradation (PID) recovery can significantly extend the life span of your solar system—a highly valuable function for the long-term efficiency of your solar investment.

Sungrow SBR Battery System

With Sungrow SBR HV battery systems, you can store surplus solar energy for later use, providing you with the freedom to use solar power whenever you wish.

Sungrow SBR HV Battery Features

Sungrow SBR HV Battery Features

The high-voltage Sungrow SBR battery boasts powerful performance and is optimized for residential solar applications.

CX Series Commercial Inverters

Sungrow’s CX series is a perfect fit for larger solar systems. They offer high yield, advanced grid management, and maximum safety and protection.

CX Inverter Features

CX series inverters come with 5 dedicated MPPTs, 50% DC oversizing, and intelligent string-level monitoring—features destined to deliver a high return on investment.

Additional Features of Sungrow Inverters

Sungrow inverters are not just about power optimization; they are also about user experience. Consider the inverter monitoring feature—it offers real-time insight into how much power your system is producing.

Sungrow Inverters: Pros & Cons

To give a balanced Sungrow inverter review, let’s take a look at both sides of the coin. Benefits include high performance, smart capabilities, and an extensive warranty. Conversely, some cons include occasional software issues and a difficult initial setup.

Sungrow Hybrid Inverter Cybersecurity Flaw

There were concerns about a cybersecurity issue with the Sungrow hybrid inverters; however, Sungrow swiftly resolved it—showcasing their commitment to customer safety.

Inverter Monitoring

Sungrow’s iSolarCloud app allows users easy access to monitor their inverter performance. This real-time data keeping feature arms you with the insight to adjust your energy consumption as needed.

Sungrow Inverter Comparison

When compared to other big names in the industry, Sungrow inverters hold their ground, often outperforming others regarding price, efficiency, and durability.

Sungrow Inverter Warranty

With a standard 10-year warranty on Sungrow inverters, you can rest assured knowing that you have a decade’s worth of technical support and peace-of-mind.

10-Year Warranty

Sungrow’s comprehensive warranty underscores their confidence in the longevity of their product and offers you assurance in your investment.

Sungrow Warranty Notes

Sungrow Warranty Notes

It’s worth noting that this warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials, adding yet another layer of confidence to your purchase.

Sungrow Inverter Costs

While costs can vary, Sungrow inverters are generally considered affordable for the value they deliver. Let’s delve into this matter a bit.

Indicative Pricing

While exact pricing can vary due to multiple factors, Sungrow inverters offer fantastic value for money, making them an excellent choice for those on a budget.

Suggestions for Potential Customers

We always recommend you get quotes from multiple qualified installers to get the best deal for your solar energy system. Investing in a Sungrow inverter can provide significant savings over time.

Reviews and Verdicts about Sungrow Inverters

Are they worth it? Yes, they are, if the swathe of positive reviews online are anything to go by.

Finn’s Sungrow Inverters Review & Verdict

Finn Peacock, a renowned solar expert, deems Sungrow inverters as reliable and high-performing, with a strong preference for the SG-RS series inverters in particular.

My Recommendation

Given my 20 years of experience in the solar industry, I can confidently recommend Sungrow inverters for their efficiency, affordability, and comprehensive feature suite.

Reviews from Australians who have installed Sungrow Inverters

The overall consensus from Australians who have installed Sungrow inverters is highly positive. Users commend Sungrow’s balance of price, features, and performance.


Summing up this Sungrow inverter review, if you’re looking for a balance of price, performance, and future-proof features, Sungrow inverters come highly recommended.


In conclusion, Sungrow inverters encapsulate a unique blend of efficiency and affordability, making them a fantastic choice for a vast majority of solar consumers. In my 20 plus years in the solar energy field, I’ve seen plenty of enterprises come and go. Sungrow, with their robust product line, stable business model, and commitment to customer satisfaction, is positioned to remain a leader in the solar industry.

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